BAD! ART Feature of the DAY!

BAD! Kitty art Feature for the day:
Dream States 2 “Waking the Soul Power”
International Jury award winner for mixed media with Upstream People Gallery.
24″ X 24″ gallery wrapped, with green crystal fringe from the bottom. Sculpted plaster, vintage lace, oils, found objects, crystals and real feathers.
Special Blogger Price: $355.00 (Includes discounted shipping costs to anywhere inside the USA)
Locals Special Price: $275.00
Just ask for a free International shipping quote…I just sent one out to Ireland the other day…let us know what you think when it gets there!

About Dream States Series:
Also Available in 8”X10” Fine Art Prints

The Dream State Series started out of my need to understand my inner voice. I can hear it, beating a steady backbeat in my mind. I can feel it in my feet when I am dancing, creating, and breathing fire. So, when I closed my eyes and grabbed a handful of plaster, this is what happened. I used found objects, feathers, costume jewelry, vintage lace, and oils. This painting just placed in the top five in an International Mixed Media Event.
Waking the Soul Power is the face that I have given to my inner voice. I guess my inner voice is a dark skinned, tribal warrior woman. That works for me.

What does the face of your inner voice look like?

BAD! Kitty Prints are all limited edition, professionally photographed images of my original mixed media/oil painting series. They are fine Art Prints. Printed on the highest quality photo papers and with archival inks. Prints come unframed and unmated, so those options are left up to you and your décor.
Each print comes with a certificate of authenticity and a short story about the creation process. They are also signed and numbered.
Shipping is done daily, usually early in the day, so most prints/originals are shipped within 24/48 hours of sales/order confirmation.

Gift Wrap and handmade one-of-a-kind gift card (with a personalized message) Add: $45.00

All items will ship within 24 to 48 hours of order received, except during national holidays.

If you would like to claim this wonderful work as your own, or make a no sales pressure, no obligation to buy, appointment to see it in person please contact me, here or thru my web site:

Thanks, have a wonderful day…What makes your place special? What makes a statement about you in your environment? What is your environment saying to/about you everyday? Is it saying “Go Be magical!”…be the best you you can be? Well…it should be if it’s not.Think about it, and get back to me on it.Thanks for being here,


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