BAD! Kitty End of the Day Horoscope…

As always I post my Horoscope for the end of the day…to see if they were right or not…the stars that is… for all your free horoscope needs.

November 15, 2005

Today you might not be feeling quite as confident in your mental powers as you usually are, and you may be feeling a bit melancholy because of this. The Moon in your third house, which rules the mind, squares Saturn in the twelfth house of uncertainty, so you might be plagued by doubtfulness throughout the day. Never mind! Just be very certain to check your facts before you introduce any information as certainty.
Well…….I have not been plagued today by self doubt if anything I got my spring back in my step after writing this morning about my path to prosperity….scroll down…pretty good stuff. So… I do set my own course, contrary to the planetary alignments. See… I do make my own travel plans.

Last call on art of the day…What no takers on a little Power? Ok….I have another one planned for tomorrow, we will just see what happens. If you decide you do want her or any other feature of the day, if it’s still available, it’s yours. Art is worth what people will pay for it…I get that…I don’t place my self worth on how many dollars I get for the stuff anymore…I just place my value in/on the patrons themselves…the Humans…the connection…that’s where the real wealth is anyway, that is my muse….you.

I put Horns back on the easel today…that WIP form about a week in a half ago…well…I can’t really paint on her yet, but…soon, I’ll be done with the studio/mini gallery set up and I’ll be able to go back to work….I miss my work.

Have a good rest. And dream grand dreams…then tell us about them…
Nite-nite. I am going to dream about my future, and when I wake up I am going to bring some of it back with me.

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