BAD! Kitty End of the Day Horoscope…

You should be feeling especially strong, motivated and focused today, Heather. Your ability to establish yourself in the world is enhanced by increased feelings of self-sufficiency. Whatever goals you are working toward suddenly seem more attainable, and you find this encouraging. Relations with others should be warm, congenial and cooperative, so if you’ve been thinking of starting some sort of enterprise with others, this is the day to start planning.
As always the end of the day Horoscope brought to you from my favorite spirit Guide, Sybil Ann and The one stop place for all your Horoscope needs:
That’s it for me folks, I have paint in my hair, I have tired arms and legs…I am so almost there it’s killing me! The studio will be ready by the weekend for sure…so anytime you want to come and take a look, we can accommodate you soon! I would like to have small parties at the studio from time to time…but most of all I would love for people to feel like its a nice little place to shop for art and other art related creations…a chat with me…see the work in progress…and well Visit, sign up for a class…you know a little art haven…for us all. I want to create around and with Humans from now on…Bring it on Universe, I’m so close!

tired rattled me…I am going to bed…Before I fall over…Scroll down for the art of the day and the other stuff from earlier…And if you like click on the header to any post and it will take you to my web site for browsing.

If you see something you like, please contact me…Let’s talk about it.
Also see the comments from a happy customer Pinky left for me from her recent purchase of Fairy World 1 Harvest Moon and Wings. (in the comments section) Thanks so much for the glowing comments, it means the world to me.

Have a wonderful sleep…See you in the morning with the working quote of the day, and the master plan for my eventual world take over…oooppss, I am just so terrible at keeping secrets…Darn it.

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