BAD! Kitty Quote for the day

Happy Monday! (I am really not that happy about it to tell the truth…I wish weekends were a month long at a time)

I thought that this was funny…I don’t want tons of money…I do want to just be wonderful though, so it means something real to me today too.

I mean money makes it all easier, but it’s not my main focus…I am creating the studio, for me (of course) but more because I want to try out some of the curator skills I have acquired, implementing them in my own way…And I want to take the elite or “status” out of the art buying process…I love art, I want to buy it all the time, and can’t because of money…I am sick of that.
I mean I can’t afford to give it away, but I am willing to sell for way below the “retail gallery” prices, because it’s my own overhead, and my own work. Also, the work can be bought by anyone almost…I even have lay-away….Who else does that? I even have leasing programs for small businesses and homeowners…I am flexible, I am smart, and I am willing to sell my own work, in my own way, for whatever price I feel like selling it for…Total control…I love it. So, if you think you can’t afford art…Think again. Here is an example for you:

The Locals get special pricing, because I offer free delivery or you can pick up at the studio and have a cup of tea…Or not…And save the shipping fees…So yesterdays art of the day…Would have been only $200.00 to a local…No shipping costs…See? Great award winning work, without the huge price tag. Check it out, and if you see something you like, make an offer, offer to barter me something, or haggle with me…Let’s make it fun, it’s not always about money.

Portlanders…This is the time to jump on some great work at low prices for the holidays…Trust me, come take a look for yourself, my work stands and speaks for itself…but I do have tons of referrals, if you so desire.

I am now really, really International…I have artwork on it’s way to a new Patron today…in Ireland! That now means I have art in: Ireland, France, Germany, Holland, Mexico, Italy, Japan, Tokyo and South America…As well as dozens of Local Patrons, (Portland to the coast) and Nationally I now have art in 16 states…I’m starting to really get around!

I have so much done in the new studio. This weekend was very productive, and I think if I can stay on track that I’ll be able to start taking appointments within the week. It won’t be perfect, or just the way I wanted, but we have got to start somewhere, right? I just need to finish the trimwork and get the window coverings finished, and get the rest of my tools and supplies put away in a pretty but practical way. I have been unpacking boxes from the old place and getting out my fabrics, and cool stuff I have not seen in a awhile. it’s exciting to see it really coming together now. I also can’t wait to finish, because I have not created any “art” in at least a week and I am starting to get itchy…I need to paint!
So …I’ll be posting art of the day soon! Stay tuned….

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