BAD! ART Feature of the DAY!

BAD! Kitty Art Feature of the day!
Fairy World 13 “Notes”
oils, wax, and mixed media
18′ X 24″ (size unframed painting)
Framed and ready to hang
Local area Special Price: $200.00
Outside Local area Special Price: $275.00 (includes 60% of the shipping costs to anywhere inside the USA, I’ll pay the other 40%)
Contact me today to claim this fun work as your own!

About the Fairy World Series:

The Fairy World Series has been a yearlong exploration of my unique brand of Woman. Growing up, I experienced the extremes of 1970’s stereotypical behavior: both of the genders were represented clearly to my little-grrrl self. I learned to fight, to fear the adults of the world, and to loath my biggest birth defect, being born female.
I wanted to play war, and I fought regularly, boys mostly. I hated the color pink, which was spoon-fed in every petite little girl bite I took. In long hair and dresses, I went about my life trying to make sense of what it was to be a girl in this world. Seeking balance, seeking my inner truth, coming to grips with the body that was at once, object/commodity, weapon/tool, and all the time weak/powerful, and shameful/virtuous.
Learning how to play the roles with gusto, I have traveled 36 years in a body that has not always felt like my own; a rental that is a little short in the legs and itchy in all the spots that are just out of reach. Fairy World allowed me to marry the warrior, and the type, or brand, of woman that I am. I love my grrrl-ness now, a beautiful, complex and scary uniqueness that defies definitions and allows ultimate flexibility. The female form is inherently preprogrammed into us to bring forth many emotions from every human being on the planet. I am one such human, and this is what I see/feel about also being classified as Female Human.

My fairies are not average beauties; they represent the different aspects of my new breed of human being, a complex being that at this time, resides in my gray matter, and now these colorful canvases too. We are all creator and destroyer, we all also have a terminal illness; it’s called birth. I am proud to be this complicated being commonly known as Woman, privately known as the tiny, infinite universe. This life is full of potential, pain and change. Choice is like mathematical equations; never ending numbers spiraling into the void, life is choice; choose wisely and often. Welcome to my world.
Fairy World

About “Notes”:

Notes is full of secret hidden messages, which you can’t see in the pictures. It is in a simple, black wooden frame. I wanted to do a fairy cork board, kind of thing. You know where you put your to-do lists, funny clippings, notes, favorite pictures…that sort of thing. There are hidden text, items and secret messages all over the layered background. There is a huge silver heart dangling from the top right, and a note from Aristotle, the Mad Hatter, and a doodle about Fairy Springer…”on today’s Fairy Springer…I slept with my boyfriend’s fairy godmother!” Fun, and tons of detail..This work is one of my favorite of the series. I just let myself go, because I knew it was the last one..So I de-stressed on this work and just had fun. I love it.

I know you will too.

If you would like to make this your own, or make a no obligation appointment to see it in person.Pleasese contact me thru email here (on the blog), or thru the comments section…or you can go to my web site at

and hit the contact me button there.

Thanks for being here today…have a great one!



  1. pinky
    November 14, 2005

    this looks like fun!! like i said before, i wanted to write more abou Fairy World #1, Harvest Moon, but the sickies have been getting me down. Not only was the art packed so well i was cursing the box, but you had presents for me, too! The painting would have been enough. Really, cyberworld, the pictures cannot capture the beauty wrapped up in this painting. It glows and moves with you, it looks like liquid. It’s shimmery and deep all in one. BUY HER ART!! YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPPOINTED!!!back to the goodies, i got several of her cards with the Bad!Kitty quotes of the day on them. very cool and great quality. i am a stationary whore! so, i am picky about what looks good and what i would spend money on. these, i would spend money on. plus they are fun!!! OH! and i got a cool magnet, too. OH THE GOODIES!!! it’s the one with the target on it. fun, and oh so true. my hubby thought it was funny. and know what else world? they are all signed!! awesome, cool, wonderful, rad (okay, i’ve got to quit, i’m using 80’s terms.)to make a long post longer, i loved the stuff i got from heather. everything is high quality and she is such an amazing person. you can feel it in her art and that is very cool. buy her art, take it home, love it and be glad that you took a chance. i sure as hell know i am!!great day to you Heather!!!

  2. HMBT
    November 14, 2005

    Wow! Thank you Pinky, I am humbled and delighted in the feedback! Yea! You love Fairy World One…I am so glad, that you can see and feel the magic, I found with her.Heather


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