BAD! Kitty Quote for the day

This morning…I hear the kids getting up and running around the house like wild monkeys….Trying to be quiet, because Sunday is the one day a week that Mate Man and I sleep until 7 am…Sleeping in is so nice, but makes for a short day. They know about as much about being quiet as a heard of elephants on a rampage…Flat footed heathens. So anyway, I reluctantly get out of bed and start the day….and it goes a little like this.

I have found out that my van is in terrible shape and needs a new crap load of money dumped into it…Crap. I need this fresh new hell like a fish needs a bike.

My kids are about as needy and demanding as they ever have been, in their time on this planet…I mean they were easier to deal with as tiny tots than they are these days…Crap on a stick…So they are at high pitch in the needy area.

I have so much to finish in the studio…Details, but it’s overwhelming because I am getting so close to being able to open the doors and start the engine on my dream machine. I can’t get it done fast enough. It is looking so nice in here…I have had dreams of moving in to the studio, and just visiting the “big house”. I could even lock the door in that fantasy….naw…just kidding…I would hate my kids as neighbor’s….Noisy monkeys…I guess I’ll not run away from home today.

Mate Man has work to do on the cars, the studio, and me…Last night was fun. I hope he saves some energy for me later….Yummy. That’s all I can say…10 years in and he is still the only person to rock my world the way he does…Love is so cool. We just keep getting better…And better.

I have to focus, so as to get all that I can get done…done today…I trust that I will do my best, and it will be what it will be. I don’t need proof, I got to much freaking work to do to worry about what if’s today…I will finish the studio, and you great people will come…or you won’t…and I will go on either way, knowing that I didn’t just try I DID.

So…I am off to DO.
Today…this moment in time, you are unbroken and ready for what lays ahead…varrrroooooom! Let’s go get it.

“You have within you right now, everything you need to deal with whatever the world can throw at you.”
~ Brian Tracy

Yup that’s me…I have everything I need today…how about you?
I will be Living in the freaking moment, till I report on the days ups and downs tonight….I remain as always…Your dedicated reporter Grrl on the front lines of Ordinary Life…Heather

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