BAD! Kitty End of the Day Horoscope…

Well…this great info… as always provided by my favorite spiritual guide Sybil Ann and astrocenter…

November 12, 2005
A new Lunar event has begun in which you have an opportunity to discard old baggage in order to make way for new ideas. There is a great deal of emotional intensity in the air, and you should use this energy to deepen your relationships with others. For you, the Moon is asking you to focus on your connection with those you come together with on a deep intellectual level. All group activities are strongly favored.

All I can say is no shit, Sherlock. My day has been one of intensity to say the least.
These are the top five things that were great about my day:
1. I got to spend the morning with My Mate Man, shopping at the rebuilding center for my studio stuff.
2. We found some lighting that will get us started!
3. I now have a totally cool fake wall in my studio to section off the work space from the gallery space.
4. During an emotional crisis later in the day, I lived in the moment and went with it; it worked out well in the end.
5. I am going to have wild monkey sex in less than an hour from now…that’s the cherry on top.

The top five crappiest things of my day today:
1. My kids expensive new gamestation broke…shit…and I have a bad tire on my van…crap…
2. It was raining from I don’t know where today, and the Amazing Race was in town, which of course turned everyone in the city into idiots while driving.
3. Driving in Oregon when it’s raining…which is now till May or June next year…get a grip people or for the love of God, stay home!
4. The fact that I have a teenage mutant shaved ape living in my home that needs constant supervision…OMG…can you say wire hangers? I mean I think sometimes that he is really trying to make me crazy on purpose…I swear…one of these days….POW! right in the kisser…sure..fine…it’ll never happen, but a mad mom can dream can’t she?
5. My kids complaining that no matter how much time I give each of them…for that matter that the both of us (parental units) give is NEVER enough. It wasn’t long enough, I want more…good freaking God what was I thinking? I mean, the stress of everyday life can be overwhelming by itself…but being in charge of the lives of others…that’s a feaking mad mind trip…sometimes I know that I am brainwashing my kids…a good friend who passed a couple years back told me once…”girl, what the hell you think parenting is?…Brainwashing…longterm” I thought she was a crazy old lady at the time…Hey Roberta…you were right you crazy old lady. I am brainwashing them into the Men they Must become…I have an empire to build that’s gonna take a lot of good people and hard work. I ‘ll start with what I’ve got.

It’s wearing me out though…So I am off to bed for the fun part of my day…when I get to be the only naked woman in the room…*sigh*
And then sleep!
Have a good night…BAD! Kitty will be able to open soon!!!!

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