BAD! Kitty says goodnight…

So…here I am in my studio…it’s almost done and I am excited…I only have some more trim work and a couple of window treatments to finish making. We found some old scrap metal in the back of the house…So now I have something to hang my work from in the front part of the gallery/studio…Tiny place, but my color scheme worked great, and the place feels larger and bright…but still homey. My Studio (working area) is starting to come together too, I was able to unpack some of the fabrics I love and get them out to be seen and used, and I also found my tons of clay…and boxes of junk (real junk) that need to be sorted by my kids into a system of bins that I got.
I still need lighting, and won’t open till I have it, the facts are that lighting makes it all work. I want this one system of track lighting that is about 200.00 to cover the entire studio area, not bad…unless you don’t have 200 bucks.
I am sure I’ll be able to make it soon…as I just sold another Fairy World Print, to a new Patron in Ireland…she bought Harvest Moon…that makes that Run almost done. I only issued 100 of the prints….and now the Original (yea it’s living at Pinky’s!) is gone and that will be that for Fairy World One. So if you have been thinking about getting one of the prints or Originals…Better get a shopping….It’s seems this is a year for weird, wonderful fairies…Yea for me! I hope I can afford to throw a party around Christmas…Just a party, not a show…And just have some fun and be grateful for my life…My scary, uncertain, just can’t help but do it life…ain’t it great? *grin*
Have a good night all, and I’ll be back with the Quote of the day in the Morning!

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