BAD! Kitty Quote for the day

I am sure this exact thing happened last night…I was taking a leak, when all of a sudden the bathroom door frame started shaking about…The very air was wooshing all around me, the toilet paper stood up and asked me to dance…But my pants kept getting in the way…And I realized the TP guy had his hand on my ass….beeepppppeeeeppp!
I went to bed…I laid down to watch Survivor with Mate Man, and BAM! It’s 4am and time to get up…I have been sleeping like a baby for the last three days, because I am working my Lilly white off trying to get the studio up and get the Mo-Joe Show delivered…Pushed back till Monday now…Which gives me the weekend to really spend some time thinking about the display and so on…Music, PR…aaaargggh….
The studio is looking so nice I wish I could show it all to you, I have the carpets down, the walls are ready, and I am finally being able to bring out my materials and tools, in an organized fashion. I can’t wait to have my first arty-farty-party. The office is now sectioned off, and I even have a place just for paper and paper arts, and a place to do my clay sculpting….Oh how I have missed sculpting the old fashioned way…I used to make garden statues, when I got a chance to sculpt that is…at the Nursery I made my own concrete forms and sold the sculpture/fountains as fast as I could make them…and planter boxes too…but now I can just make whatever I want to…for no purpose than my pleasure. I like that. I also want to start working on large assemblages now that I can…And much larger canvas…Which is my favorite, now that I can have enough room to get a 6′ x 8′ canvas in here to work on.

I am living in a weird world today…with mars finally moving out of retro- grade…we can all expect the easing of all delays in our lives…back to full steam ahead…woopiee!

Have a great day, I am finishing the organizing and getting prints ready to ship out…thanks to all that have ordered the prints of Fairy World 1 Harvest Moon…but she is down to her last 10 prints available…then it’ll be over for her. I don’t “do” huge mass reproductions (prints) of anykind…when I do (like the magnets and cards) it will be short runs and limited numbers available…Because I get bored easily, and I am an artist not a money making machine…It’s all gotta stay real, it’s all got to be made and touched by me…or it’s not from/of me…in my mind anyway…let my kids decide if they want to mass produce my work after I am gone…Bully for them, but it’s not for me.

Off to my wild blue yonder…hey Portlanders!… heads up! I hear we are gonna see sun today…be ready for the 15 minutes of Vitamin D window we will have…you never know when it could spring out and show itself…so be on your toes!

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