BAD! Kitty says goodnight…

Goodnight all! I got the studio finished as far as the main rooms and kitchen area today! All I need now is about two hundred dollars to buy some kick ass lighting *go buy some art please*…and we will be set to go. I am rearranging everything to maximize space…and we are recyling everything we can find to make it work faster…we love to re-use things it makes life more fun.
So anyway, I am so tired and I have so much left to do…so I must go to bed…

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  1. pinky
    November 10, 2005

    I GOT HARVEST MOON AND WINGS YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!! the pictures on your site don’t do justice at all to them. especailly Wings, but Harvest Moon is just wonderful. I’ve looked at it in a hundred different lights and moved it around in my house. the place i thought i was going to put it, well, i’m not, it’s too pretty to be put away.i’ll have to email you more later. i’m glad the studio is going well!! talk with you soon!


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