BAD! Kitty Quote for the day…and note of Thanks

Good Morning everyone!

Pinky I am so glad to hear that the paintings arrived and that you are so pleased with them. It can be scary to buy art off the internet…from a not so great picture even.

Harvest Moon is great in different lights because I used interference paints within it…Layered into the background colors…So it seems to change with the light of the day, and at night, if it’s anywhere near a ambient light, the gold dust shows up…In tiny sparkles. I made it to be a constantly changing painting, no matter where it’s hung…So the magic is always there….It is Fairy world dontchca know?!

So today, my quote of the day is in honor of Pinky…Who by purchasing and then becoming a new friend has helped to rekindle my inner spirit. Thank you, for having faith in your inner self, and in the art and artist that up until recently you did not know. Thank you for having faith in me, and for helping to restore my inner faith in myself too.

Have a great day all, I am working on organizing my supplies, looking for lighting that I can afford…My kids are all home for a four day weekend and I have a whole day of day job ahead of me. Wish me luck!

If only one Fairy World or equivalent would sell in the next few days…I would be able to buy the 199.00 lighting that I really, really want…Please Universe, can I have that cool lighting…Please? Ahem….I mean if I was able to move just one artwork, I would be able to open in a week or two instead of three or more. You all know I am impatient as hell, and I hate to wait….It makes me crazy! So, please scroll down…Go to my site…
and shop…Locals can still get free delivery in the PDX area…and shipping is not free any longer but I am willing to off-set the costs of shipping of any Original artwork (I’ll pay 40%), to make it more affordable and workable for everyone. The shipping on prints (up the the first five) is still free, as well as the magnets…up the the first four.

Pinky, if you would please attest to the quality and workmanship of the “extras” I sent to you…the cards and magnet…that would be great, so people can hear how well made…yaadda-yadda. Thanks.

Because truthfully…I don’t expect you to know, unless we have some customer feedbacks here to attest to the fact that I am what I say I am.
A truthful, honest, dependable, flexible, artist. You can count on me to take care of your needs and art buying experience in a fun and professional way, have delivered to your home/business professionaly packaged, Fine Investment Quality Art, and there is always a free bonus in every box…because I love surprises…you never know what it might be.

That’s all for me now…I have to put the pedal to the metal and burn rubber on me…The day ahead is going to be long….We will get through…And do it with grace…And patience…Not much patience…But I’ll do my level best to not be a brat about not having the lighting yet…I mean how can we see the art…Or do the classes without the proper lighting….oppps…I let a little of it out…I was gonna burst…I’m only an imperfect Human…sheesh! Back away from the keyboard….*artist is now mumbling to herself about the need for good lighting, how important it is……blah, blah*

Thanks again Pinky for your purchase and faith…it means the world to me…hey this crazy idea I had for getting to know the people who buy my work, (if they want too, not forced) just might work afterall…Crazy ideas have a way of doing that these days.

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