BAD! Kitty Quote for the day!

Well….nuff said. I do what I want to do, I do what feels good, I just do….if it matches your drapes or you couch…all the better, but I don’t paint to match trends anymore. I just paint and it is what it is.
I am finishing up the studio today…Wish me luck! I want to painting to end, now that my arms are so tired that it’s hard to brush my teeth…
but it is looking really nice, I set up pictures when I am done so you can ll see.
I am proud that I stood at the counter and told the paint guy he was wrong, I didn’t like the first color batch he mixed up…so being an old house painter (yes I did that too) I told him how much of each color to add to the buckets…he was scowling and grumbling about how I was going to ruin the colors that way, and blah, blah, blah….what I got was the perfect sage green and warm rich light gold…it sounds gross…I know My Mate man said “Oh. looks like pea soup and baby poop.” Thanks honey…the first coat did look really bad though I thought OH mY I just pooped all over my studio…but the second coat brought out the true color, and as it dried, my mate man came home and said “WOW! you were right, these are the perfect colors for the place, I can’t believe how much bigger it looks! and brighter”…(because I broke the rule about darker colors in a small space…hahahah on the rules right babe?!)

(as he was winding his way thru the maze of furniture and supplies pushed into the middle of the room. )
It does look really great, and I AM GOOD!

So it goes…I am doing fine, slept two night in a row…a big deal of me, because I have insomnia…just can’t ever go to sleep and stay there for long…so it was great after two days of good sleep to wake up and feel “normal”.
I am painting my heart out today, so no art for the day this week…I am also not doing art for the day until I hang the Moe-Joe show…Because I am taking them with me…the fairies anyway…well some of them…aaarrrggghhh! I really need that clone….
and more coffee….love to all…
have a great day,

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  1. Susanna Rose
    November 10, 2005

    Hey! As usual, I love the picture on your post today and I’m so excited for you in your venture with the studio! Sounds like it’s going to look very cool ! I think it funny how you refer to your significant other as “My Mate” man…cute!(= Well, good luck and rest your arms a bit, get a good massage or something!


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