BAD! Kitty Quote for the day

I am grateful my arms are still attached to my body…the studio is now 3/4 this painted…OMG! I have not done real manual labor in awhile…I can’t feel my fingers…Is that a bad thing?
Oh, and my eyeballing it at the paint counter worked out great…I was scared for the first coat, but now I am sure that I am a color genius. It’s warm and perfect…thank to the good lord/whoever is on duty….I love the colors. I just want to be able to do more now that this part is done…I’m going to start scouring garage sales, and freecycle, and the local junk stores and hardware stores…for inspiration. I am sure it’ll come together real nice…I am really loving it so far.

So I am off to make dinner and go to bed…I am so tired…Pinky feel better soon…I think it’s gonna get there soon…it better! Let us all know what you think when it get’s there.


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