BAD! Kitty says goodnight…

Goodnight…sleep tight, I am one tired grrl today I got half the studio painted and worked a full day and finished a journal page…and made dinner…I can’t think anymore, but I wanted to shout out to all the regulars who are wondering if Pinky got her Fairy World yet? Well…we don’t know…she will have to check in and let us know soon. We are all dying to know what you think, once it’s out of the box and yours.
Later Taters, Heather
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  1. pinky
    November 8, 2005

    i haven’t gotten my painting yet, but i have a feeling it will be coming today.i’m sick as a dog and i feel like crap, so i have been stalking the mailperson to see if she will bring me good things. hopefully, today will be the day that Fariy World lands in my home. i’m going to have to work real hard not to hug it.


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