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Oh…Good Morning! I am trying hard to live in the present moment and not let myself get side tracked in the future stuff, or wallow in the past. Living eternally in the present, that’s my thought for the day….Living in the present.

I am so pleased to see questions and feedback starting to come in from you great peoples out there…So encouraging to the spirit. OK, The Head Creative Compulsive at BAD! Kitty will now answer some questions about herself…

1. How did I come up the name BAD! Kitty?
Answer: I have two cats ones named Booger and the other Lulu Bell…and at the other place (see last post) we all shared space, me and my art, the three kids, the two cats and all in about 1000 sq feet. At the time I was working on launching myself into the great unknown full time artist world, and selling everything that I made…aahhh, the good old days…anyway, I was painting like I do on canvas, but on furniture…it was a smash hit…but I got bored with furniture…I went back to canvas and had my first all hung on the wall works…that went well too…but my cats were always running across a wet table top or I was picking cat hairs out of my work or something like that…I was always saying No! BAD! Kitty…they think it’s funny when I call them bad…I just know they giggle inside when I use my “mean” voice….like my kids do, anyway…I broke out the oils for the first time and went to work on a painting about my alter ego…my first oil painting in 15 years…it ended up in my Logo…which is of course my blue kitty and spawned a whole race of BAD! Kitty’s…I want to bring that work out soon…anyway…that’s how it came about…and I am a saucy grrl, and I liked that it was also the name of some my favorite Punk Rock Comics and a fashion line for porn stars and strippers…of course I named my place BAD! Kitty which is different, but I like the play of words about women in this reality…I am a BAD! Kitty…yes I mean it like that…and I am so Not a bad Kitty…make sense? And I just like it, because it is catchy.

2. Business
Answer: this will be my third (hopefully) successful business…I had a house cleaning business while I was in various schools, and recovering from cancer (early 20’s) that was very successful, I sold it and went to Florida for awhile…came back with my Mate Man, and we started and operated Farmer browns Dirty Deeds nursery and landscape design company for almost 7 years. That went very well too…very well..we lost it all because of the economy going tits up in the small town we lived and worked in…in SW Washington, up on a hill overlooking the Columbia River…Elk in the garden and eagles overhead…anyway…the town was living off off the Mills in the area, when the mills closed so did the town…and we held on too long hoping it would turn around…it didn’t and we lost it all…cars, home, business, even the kids had to give up their expensive toys so we could sell it all off to get enough together to file bankruptcy, and move to the city for work. I had to retire the garden gloves too, when my health went in the crapper after all that. So I started painting out of frustration…I didn’t have any garden plans, blueprints, anything to work on so my inner creative was going crazy…so I started painting to keep busy…the rest of that story is somewhere in this blog.

3. The Opening…I was shooting for late October…but it looks like I’ll be lucky to get it all done a ready to open close to late November. I’ll be talking all about it for the next few weeks. If I can move some more art before the end of November…I’ll have the funds to complete much sooner. *yes that’s a shopping cue*

I have always just made it on my own, I have worked for others, but I am really not that great an employee…I am a great boss and business woman though, and I know how to make money in the retail, service oriented worlds…but this is so different, I don’t want to commercial my work…I don’t want mass reproductions, and/or a cheap novelty…I want to be seen for what I am…and always have been a healer, and a hero, and above all that a creative. If I want to make something happen….stand back…I’ll make it happen. This is fun though, being the artist I have always wanted to be. I am already a respected artist…been that for years…but now I am not living in the void of representation and big money. This will be done on my terms, and I’ll be profiting off of my own gray matter thank you very much, I have the power!

I am going to be working on the studio today, and I think I hate my paint colors…arrggghhh! I am going with it though and keeping at it… hard and fast. I’m also going to be getting everything ready to deliver to the Annual Moe-Joe coffee Lounge Holiday event with me as the star…oh how I love dreaming big…anyway…that’ll being going in this week, and I am looking forward to another opening… and this is my favorite one of the year, because of the place, the people and it’s a fun party. I was the first real full time artist the Moe-Joe really dealt with, when they opened… and I love them so much because they love me…so it’s a great time. There is no other place like the Moe-Joe in town…really super great place. On 21st and SE Division…I’ll post more about that later too.

So a busy day..of course is there any other kind? I’ll be trying to get art of the day up…soon I hope.

What’s my surprise Pinky? Is it Pinky Art? Oh! I hope it’s a Pinky Original! *hint, hint* I love surprises!

Liz…are you out there…getting this message? I wish we could have talked longer last night…I need to find that damn secret government issue clone…I know I folded her up and put her somewhere…let’s see, maybe this box…poop!…I just wanted to give you a shout out…that I am thinking of you.

Hey! Susanna Rose (love your name BTW, very powerful) you rock! I hope to keeping talking with you, it’s so nice to meet new folks!
Come on back now ya hear!
Talk to you all later, must go work.
Love, Heather

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