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I have a collection of old magazines, books, pictures…Whatever…Bunch of stuff…But there is this one years run of LOOK! Magazine, 1929-30…The ads for the ladies mag of the times are hysterical now…although if I had to live in a time where grrrls dressed up all the time any more…I would have looked great in one of these dresses. Empire waistlines, and long flowing fabrics, texture, movement…Sparkles, I would have been a flapper for sure. Ultra deluxe, with a cherry on top.

I am thinking about my inner environment today…My philosophy…I am finally painting the Studio walls today…We have been working so hard to scrape enough together to get this idea up and off the ground, and then get materials…You know the drill…And I still had a body of work to finish when we moved in here…The story goes a little like this:
Well I was two weeks away from the delivery for the first showing (of Fairy World see site)…And almost 50% ready for both exercises of insanity…I had wanted to wait till after I delivered Fairy World to move at all…To the Fairy World show before looking for a place to launch BAD! Kitty from…Home/work situation…that would work for our kids and and schools and all that jazz…I had basically given up looking for a place that would work, when Mate Man came in and said, “put on your shoes woman, we need to go look at this house.” I said I wasn’t going…I was sick of looking at over priced McMansions that were stupid and ugly. Beaverton can be so over the Middle Class top if you know what I mean…Sometimes…Anyway, I get kick out of living and working and participating in the local government systems because, I am the real suburbia…Upper middle class almost white trash…Yup that’s me. So I speak for the almost middle class…Well not really, it looks that way, but we eat a lot of home cooked meals, never go out, and a big event is going to a NEW park or on a nature explore that is somewhere new to us…Nearby…Five people in a mini van eats up a lot of expensive gas. We live very frugally, and for a reason. The schools are better here. I could live over in inner SE Portland too, the schools are great over there…But I disagree with the current state of taxation in the County of Multnomah…it’s so bad…That we can’t afford to live over there anymore, the tax’s would eat us alive.

So Anyway, making a long story longer…We piled into the car and drive out here…The whole way I was bitching and moaning about how I hated looking, we should just stay where we are, give up the dream of a real working studio (for now) and just let me finish my work….(other words get out and shut it) so… we drive into a very pricey looking hood and I say “Oh no way are gonna be able to afford anything here.”
We pull into the sweetest little cul-de-sac, nestled into a bank of huge Firs…to block the noise from Murray, and at the top of the rise, in the center of the sac…was our new place. (I love cul-de-sac’s…Very good energy can be created in round shapes….Oops letting the OCD out sorry) anyway…it was there and as we pulled up…Another couple pulled in beside us, in the driveway.
They looked like they could afford the place…We didn’t. We get out walk around, wait for the guy to show up and…Of course open the back gate and walk around the back of what I thought was a really small looking house….Push through some overgrown hedges and walk into a perfect mess of an older Japanese style, totally round yard and garden. I then turned around and saw the huge covered attatched porch and the separate little house that was attatched to a larger house….with big southern style eaves, and huge windows that would allow for a great cross breeze in the summer. I was in love. I told my Mate Man to get on the phone with the guy that owned the place (out of state) and make a deal…now…Before we even got inside the place, it’s do or die in Suburbia these days for real estate…so he did…we got back into the car and drove around while Mate Man talked on the phone and hammered out a deal for the whole place…the owner wanted to rent the two houses separate from one another…We wanted the whole thing…So they haggled and came to terms (2 year lease..We don’t have to move for at least 24 whole months! Whoo-hoo!)
We then went back and took a look at the place with the other couple…and I had to keep from yelling at them to get out…it’s mine…while they tried to get the owner on the phone…to talk terms…sorry been there done that…now get out.
So we moved…I had to pile everything up and stop working with so much left to do and we spent every last penny we had scrimped and saved from my art sales of the year before to finance it.

It’s been 5 months…we are still trying to get the place in shape (it had not been lived in for at least a year)…and I finally saved enough money to start buying supplies…Paint, lights…action! So today I paint…

BAD! Kitty Studio will be a warm inviting place to shop, learn, share, party and get your portrait done if you want to…your energy portrait that is…I paint auras don’tcha know?

It’ll be so fun to open the doors to my little dream…my big BAD! dream of living like I always knew I would…as a real live artist…full time. Don’t stop chasing those dreams…I’ve got mine by the tail…and I’ll be ready to share it soon!
Have a great day, be bold, be daring, be the real you, and share it!
*artist happily trotting off to get painty with it, if you feel this is a shopping emergency, hang up and dial 9-1-1 or… just scroll down*


  1. Susanna Rose
    November 7, 2005

    Wow! That is so neat that you’ll have your own studio! How did you come up with the name? It’s catchy…I like it! Well, by openning up your own business, you are doing something that many people dream about but not many people actually get off the ground so good for you!(=

  2. pinky
    November 7, 2005

    i would LOVE to be able to come to the opening!! damn all this work and responsibility i heap on myself!!! when is the Grand Opening? every new start needs new art.i’ve got a present for you….(evil grin)


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