BAD! Kitty buys her first work of ART!

That my friends… is the cover of my very first bought from a real live artist I never met before, over the internet ART. I wanted to know what it might be like, and I went with my gut…and get this Ben here, he is brilliant…he wrote a snappy ad, put it up on CL, saying that he did flip books. I am a total comic fan…and so I wrote to him and we talked via email only. He sent me a few emails with some samples of his art…and I instantly knew that I had followed my nose to THE artist that would unknowingly, unwittingly, become part of my master plan to take over the world. Everyone…meet Mr. Ben Zurawski, flip book master extraodinaire, and my new personal art hero. He is an engaging artist with a wonderful, fun mind and was game for whatever I wanted from the word go. I told him plainly, and clearly that the only demand I had was that in some way I would be able to wipe stupid people from the planet…aka…taking over the world. (And I did not want to look like Pam Anderson…I wanted a more Urban Tank Grrl, being that Tank Girl is my favorite… that sorta thing…he nailed it!) I have to say hats off to this outstanding artwork, more than I was hoping for and the package even came with art on it!

It’s just the best thing in the world…I can take out my flip book and take over the world…any time I want to….from the comfort of my own home, in my underwear…I can master the planet…wipe away bigotry, war, and all other stupid people stuff…so now, with a soy milk moustache I De-Dumb the planet…..I wish you guys could see the inside…I have to figure out a way to show it to you…remember I am artist not techie…but it’s so great I can hardly stand myself.
If you need a great gift idea for this year…this is a super terrific one. I gave it to myself as a present for working so hard this last ten months on the fairy world collection and all the rest of the supporting works of this last year.

As they sell and move to their new homes, I will find other artists, and needs to have someone to take a chance to further their claim in the worlds valuables.

This time I sold Fairy World One…and I found Ben within three days of the close of that sale and bought this book from him. It’s a big circle…I want to keep being a great part of it, and I have promised myself not to say anymore…”someday when things are easier, I’m gonna buy art instead of always just being able to look at it and wish.” I don’t live for someday anymore… I live for today, and I seed the future with my present day actions…it’s easy and hard….I guess that’s what I like about it.

Today when I (read: royal I here…it was really Mate Man that sprang from the warm car thru the driving drizzel) and opened my soggy, (farking) cold mail box…and there was art in the mail…I have to tell you…it was pretty great…then we were leaving the house when my Mate Man ran out to grab the mail…and I didn’t open it till…like a squibillion hours (not really…but I am a really impatient grrrl) while we finished running errands…got back home, put the children to work on their new video game….and Mate Man and I ran off to the studio (across a covered porch) and closed the door…took off all our wet stuff and carefully opened it up…it was so much fun flipping thru it, that I was giddy. Not only that I proved to myself and to you my loyal readers…out there in the battlefield of real, ordinary life….there are human beings out here that have mighty talent, you might be missing the sale at Target, but this is the present they will remember, yup, you will be remembered thru art…visual dialogue…art is our treasure, art is our history…this will be passed down to my kids kind of thing…it’s part of my history, my story…my evidence trail… that’s what I wanted to prove. And I did it with a stranger off the internet…and it worked out wonderfully, I could not be happier.

So…faithful warriors…the holidays approach…I have tested this artist and found him worthy of BAD! Kitty Glory….aka…ARTIST Hall Of Fame…’s in the back, yeah first turn to your right….and it is good.

You can have a wonderful Art experience just like this one…with Ben, or (Ahem) me…just to name two artist so far that really do deliver what they say they can deliver. As stated above to keep my cirle spinning, as I sell each work of art…I will purchase another artists work for my own collection…thus greasing the wheels and proving that once again…evil never wins…the force, Luke, the force…instead here at BAD! Kitty it’s The Art Young Skywalker…use the ART.

Way to go Ben, and thanks man…I really love it
Feel free to ask questions…maybe I can even get Ben to make an appearance here to answer some of them…

I got art today, I got art today, I got art today and I feel fine!
It’s good, you should try it.
*scroll down and shop awhile…grin*
Support living artist…if not me then some other really terrific living breathing live human being in your neck of the woods.
It’s good for the soul, and you all know I love me some good soul food.
Night folks!


  1. Susanna Rose
    November 6, 2005

    I can tell you really have fun with your art…it’s awesome!

  2. HMBT
    November 6, 2005

    I Do have fun! Thanks for being here!I hope youall’ll come on back soon now…ya hear?! (Southern slang for hope to see you again soon and thanks so much!) I’ll go have some good NW Coffee now…nothing better than that…well that’s not true…but I digress…coffeeeeeeeee!

  3. Anonymous
    January 12, 2006

    hey do you have Ben’s contact info? My mom took an animation class with him at Wayne State and I want him to do an animation video for my band… please write me at thank you so much!


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