BAD! Kitty Quote for the day

I am working this morning on my strengths, not what needs fixing, tweaking, turned around. I am coming at my reality from another angle. I don’t have to struggle with this life taking form, it will happen as it should. I am trying to “re-key” myself to the facts of real life. Which are that it is hard everywhere for everyone…we are all in the struggle…Wiggling like my fairy above…Into and out of this world we agree to live in. I am working on letting my creative spirit go where it wants, do what it wants, and learn at it’s own pace. I find that I am cooking dinner, and drawing in my Journal, I am folding laundry and I am staring at the new work that is on my easel (which I drag from room to room with me if I need to), while I am driving in the car, I am looking at advertising and color combo’s and the way people put themselves together, and taking notes in my mini-journal, to use later. I read art history and art theory books when “in” the bathroom. I talk about art with my kids, and re-enforce my own learning thru that process. I can’t forget things that I read…so years later…I can think about that book…or whatever….and re-read it…that’s how I learned to paint in the first place…I bought some books about oil painting at a garage sale, and read them. I am an OCD reader (I will literally read anything at hand….) and I can read like a thousand words a minute…..and retain near 80-90% of it…but often I then have to think about it for awhile….Sometimes months…then I pick up whatever I wanted to do/learn about and start doing it…I started painting like that…I read the books, and three months later started painting on a “whim” and as they say and it was good. So, now I am learning that I have all this information stored inside my gray matter, it’s bursting forth in everything that I do and say…I am constantly creating, learning, and asking for more. That can only mean that I am “tuneing” in…I am becoming the best me I can be…Wiggling, squeezing the maximum potentail from every moment. This is what this blog is for me, a place to tune in. The bonus is the magic of getting it out of my head and making it tangible, real…something my eyes can see…and the universe can hear.

I am off to the nature park to remind myself that I am only human, and connected to this earth and these people, and this time…because I agree to be. And it is good.
Let it be.
Have a great day, and here’s to the next moment to come, may we all be able to struggle less and tune in more.
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  1. Susanna Rose
    November 6, 2005

    Hey! I love that quote! We as humans are so frail and all we can do is try to attain just a small ounce of good. I also love your art! Well, I’m glad I came across your site and will be back!(=

  2. HMBT
    November 6, 2005

    I agree, frail but made with a core of willful steele. That’s the struggle, against ourselves and who we secretly (sometimes)really belive that we are (worth) and who we want to be (dream)…I am that dreamer, and I picked a whole new set of truths about myself…and thru this exploration, I discover my treasures. Thanks for stopping by and sharing a little of your goodness with us! Screw being frail…I’m going out with SAUCE!


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