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You have got to go read this artists blog if you have time…but in case you don’t she wrote this little article about buying art….and it’s just… so…right on. So her blog is:
and SHE wrote this article…not me. But If I could have put it into words…this is what I would have said about buying art….or at least some part of this…:)

Again her blog site is:

Original Art–art as a status symbol
I wrote an article, Why Buy Original Art, about how art enlivens an environment and enriches lives. That’s all true. However, one of the reasons people buy art is that art is a status symbol.
Having original art says that you are educated, cultured and can afford original art, especially really good original art like mine, which means you have money. It also says that you have “class”.
Having a Porsche, Ferrari, BMW, Audi, all are status symbols, but they don’t necessarily mean you have “class”.
Having a big house in a good neighborhood is a status symbol, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have “class”.
Belonging to a variety of clubs can be status symbols, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have “class”.
Having art is unique in imparting to others that you are of value. Art is something that people pass on from generation to generation. Art defines civilizations. Art tells people that you are not only educated, but also that you appreciate history and beauty. It is why when the early American tycoons built their fortunes, they went out and bought art, because it gave them “class”. Thank goodness they did, because today we can see Van Goghs, Monets, Renoirs in the great art museums all over the world.
There are only good reasons to buy original art, whether it is to nurture the soul, enliven your environment or to feel essential. Buying original art adds to the quality of life for everyone, yours as well as all the people around you.

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