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TODAY’s BAD! Kitty Working Quote!

“Perseverance is a positive, active characteristic. It is not idly, passively waiting and hoping for some good thing to happen. It gives us hope by helping us realize that the righteous suffer no failure except in giving up and no longer trying. We must never give up, regardless of temptations, frustrations, disappointments, or discouragement.”
~ Joseph B. Wirthlin (1924-)
Well, I am preserving today… again…as usual. The facts are that each day I (we) work our asses off…fact is that I can be the most perfect me I can be and it won’t be good enough to somebody somewhere. The fact is there are tons of talented (more than me) artists out there in the universe…there always will be someone better…I can’t worry about that. My work is what it is, it is my explanation to the world of myself…a conversation with myself and the universe…I am really no more than a modern day cave grrrl, painting, sculpting and writing her world down for others to decipher later…I can just see some smarty farty person a 100 years from now saying something like “well the artist was trying to say here is…” I’ll be over in BAD! Kitty Heaven laughing my ass off. It’s not the size…it’s how you use it.
Well…this grrl has some brass…I won’t ever quit on me. Never. I know I am creating my life with thought, and purpose…I am directed like a laser beam. Driven to succeed…what’s that you wonder?…Success to me is the fact that even if I never sell another work again, I’ll still keep going. I’ll never fail because I’ll never quit…I’m stubborn like that….Most BAD! Kitties are dontcha know?

I am going to make it, you’ll see when in a few years you have one of my originals on your wall at home and find out that it’s worth a lot more than you paid for it….so see, you are so smart too. Not only that….but you bought something you loved, something that brought some shape, form, or texture to your inner dialogue. Something moved…and kept on going when you saw the work…that’s all I want to do…move you…move myself….move the world into a place where all things are possible….and love is not a commodity, and success isn’t determined by how much material wealth you accumulate in your life. Passion…Persistence….Drive….Love….Creation….Destruction….Birth…Death…
it’s what it’s about…I am going to go live like it’s the last ten seconds of my life today…what are you up to?
Will it build you? Will it make you feel better about you?

Right this minute I am going to go move mountains now…so I can find some spare change under the living room boulders for some black paint…OH the humanity! A kitty with no paint….and so much to paint about…damn boulders…such a pain to move around the cave by myself…see above reference to modern day cave grrl…

Have a great day all….I’ll get the art of the day up soon!
Heather *who is willing herself upright and taking on another day…with courage*

Oh I thought it would be fun to re post my new/short version of my bio…for all you new readers….I’m up to almost 6,000 of you a month! Talk to me! I know you are out there!

Short order Bio:
Upper Middle Class Almost White Trash From Southern Florida.
Self Indulgent, Self Taught, Self Representing Artist/Writer.
Reporter Gyrl On The Front Lines Of Ordinary Life. Research Subject found to be only 12% humorous.
Midol is my drug of choice.
The Talking Heads, Stripper Music, Ska, Annie Lennox, Shawn Colvin, and Lyle Lovett are what I listen to, most of the time.
My Uniform for life: 501’s, T-Shirts, Black Leather Coat, and my ugly shoes or boots.
An Adventurer Looking For Treasure.
Mother, Mate, Semi-Social Creature of the Deep.
Freak Lover.
I Never watch T.V. except for Survivor, The Donald, and Nova.
I read 10-15 Sci-Fi, fiction, art, reference or science related books a Month. (I’m a Speed Reader, OCD Reader, I will read anything)
Not into Star Trek, except for the scenes with klingon sex in them.
Psychic or Psycho depending on how you see things.
Very Spiritual Non Church Goer.
Anti Two Party Politics.
I have problems with Authority.
Abuse Survivor Working Through my Issues
Prefer Quality to Quantity.
Pro Choice.
Hell-Raiser Wannabe.
*support living artists* please

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