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November 2, 2005
Don’t let the positive energy of the day pass you by, Heather. You are able to grab hold and make greater use of it than most, so don’t hesitate to get going early and keep on going until late. Stop contemplating the issues, and take action. Take the best aspects of each side of the issue instead of having to feel like you are restricted to simply one side or the other.

I dunno about that….it has been productive as far as days go…I got everything on my list done…we made the budget this month…YEA! and we paid all the bills in full…that was nice… no more catch up….I discovered I am completely out of Black Mars oil paint…and Lamp Black…Crap…made the budget, not below it…no money for paint…arrrgghhh me matie…what’s a BAD! kitty… Bad Ass Grrl like me to do….*Using submliminal mind to mind contact…you need my art, you need my art…you need my art…grin!!*** sell some art man! Sell some art…I am working the day job, and doing the other stuff…I need some supply money..come on man, I’d hook you up with some Mars Black, if you really needed it…Straight up, that’s the kinda crazy grrrl I am. So come on scroll down, find something you like…and make me an offer, tell me you like it…or something man….I’m Jonezing hard here man….I need some PAiNT! And maybe just a little more midol…..and a side of chocolate.
Take it easy…and keep it positive! Heather

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