Artist Self Portrait
HMBT 2005
I thought you guys might like to see what I look like…
also I have updated my work in progress, I’ll post more later, but I have changed the title from Judith’s Horns to Just Horns…Because it turned into a self portrait, and the growth she helped me complete thru her own choice of expression and act of faith in herself…Inspiration and my muse…but defiantly me and about my journey! Stay turned!
*** Quote for the Day***
“Never regard study as a duty, but as the enviable opportunity to learn to know the liberating influence of beauty in the realm of the spirit for your own personal joy and to the profit of the community to which your later work belongs.”
Albert Einstein

I am studying, day and night. Working at all times that it is possible. My book is coming along quickly…All those journal pages…I have committed (to myself) that I will complete 7 , 2 page spreads a week, I want it to be ready for Christmas. Somebody is going to get a very inspirational and powerful art book this year for a present…

Commitment to the now almost five thousand a month that are reading this blog daily is also a 7 day a week job/joy. I look forward to seeing the comments I get, and the people who resonate with the message here. My Art Studio will be opening soon, and here I hope to be able to offer seminars and opportunities for art parties with other artists in the area…and be able to go back to an older passion…Aura/Energy portraits. I miss fleshy folks…
I would love to hear more from you all, what you like, what you don’t like, what you want to see or talk about, ask a question…Or something. Would anyone be interested in tips and techniques? Or things like that?

anyway all I know, with that many of you out there, all over the world, checking in, what are you thinking? What’s profitable about you and your life to the greater whole of the community? What do you do for these types of outlets?

Just some random thoughts. I would love to get a dialogue going with more of you, I know you are out there. Pinky is so great, being brave, getting it out of her head and into this reality we are living in and dealing with. Let’s all get really, real…Let’s all be be brave and bold and OH, before I forget…
here’s the extra SAuCE.
Art feature of the day up soon…see more of me soon!

A place to be, do and feel what you need/want to, safely. Empowering for all humans, is the goal, my vehicle is the art that pours out of me like water. I can’t stop. I know what I am doing is the right path for me, and I Investing time into building a new belief system about the real me…I am feeling lighter and more positive in that this is the way for me.

Art is Powerful stuff…Bringing the inside out, bearing it I am naked to this reality …Real, whole and ready. I will do it or die trying. Bring it.
I have faith in myself…That;s all I need…Well that and continuing to be stubborn…That helps to. Go ahead, tell me no. I’ll get excited, every no brings me closer, every rejection is another one down, and the numbers for stubborn people like me are what matters…Keep throwing it against the wall till something good sticks…That’s always been my theory.
I will never quit.

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