And the BAD! Kitty Jumped over the moon…

This is my horoscope for today…I never read them til the end of the day that way I know if they were right or not.

November 1, 2005
Feel free to upset the equilibrium in order to have your own needs met – especially in the bedroom, Heather. It could be that in an effort to maintain peace and keep everything on an even keel, you have been neglecting your desires for the sake of pleasing someone else. Making compromises for others can be noble, but it may never get you exactly what you want. This is a time for you to be more aggressive in your pursuit of love – especially in your pursuit of sex and passion.

So since I need some needs met…and I know some of you friendly regulars know what I mean…so I’m off to sweat out the yuck of the day…and get some flow happening again!
Yee-haw! shit boy howdy…BAD! Kitty Rides!
Last call on the Feature of the day…
not really…
buy some freaking art, I am starting to feel like a used car salesman…that wears plaid…and black socks with white shoes…see no self respecting fine BAD! ass artist should have to shake it like that ( I am talking about me here…ahem)….so, for the love of pete…buy something…the holidays are coming up you jive turkey.
Nighty-night…where’s the freaking Midol ……aaaaaaaghh!

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