My BAD! Kitty horoscope…no shit!

October 31, 2005

Dig out the paints and get your creative energies flowing today, Heather. Keep in mind that you might not necessarily have the discipline or the commitment to follow through on any project that you start today, but you will most certainly have no lack of creative artistic energy. Merge your mental and emotional processes and have them unite together on a blank canvas. Bring beauty to the world by letting yourself shine out for others to see.
Brought to you by my favorite free horoscope place
Pretty funny huh?

last call for 5 flowers…if you decide to purchase before midnight PST…I’ll reduce the price to $250.00! Wow! Ohhhh! Ahhhhh! Come on, buy it; it’s already framed and it’s damn good. And someone (if it’s not you) needs this know it, they know it…just do it.
Nuff said. Meow power!…pass the chocolate covered Midol please.
Good night BAD! Kitties everywhere….
I’ll check in the morning for the person who was bold enough to claim ownership of above mentioned (ad nauseum) painting…get on it.
Sleep well ghouls and goblins!


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