BAD! Kitty Art Feature of the DAY! HUGE!!!

Mars in Retro grade

HUGE! 36″x 60″ x 2″ deep

oils on sculpted plaster

Done in my older glaze style…View hard to capture on digital pictures which is why it’s never really been up there. Also can be hung either way…long or tall. Ended up taking three weeks to complete with around a hundred layers of glaze.

Deep reds, and a sea of blue green float and clash and meld all at once…I have uses netting to represent my breaking free of blaming the universe or other cliches in this world. Moment to moment living. Accountability.

Must see in person, There are millions of tiny dots (stars) diffused in the sea blue green background, and the reds are a russet/crimson red. The sculpture its self is about being my own entity, and doing my happy days now, instead of somewhere down the line…The future is no place to put your better days. (Dave Matthews)

So…Here it is…It’s large, dramatic, bold, yet the texture, and the colors invite you to explore, swim…Come be here with me it says. It is looking for a bold new home…Is it yours?

Today Only Price ***Marked down from $1300.00*** TODAY $750.00****

Are you ready for that? Have a blank wall over a fancy pants fireplace…it’s been treated to resists heat/sun exposure fading/UV treated…for that purpose, and it’s on a hand made custom frame for the same reason (resists warping). It’s sculpture you can hang on your wall! I made it for my fireplace…but we moved so I thought maybe it needed a new home too.

Have a great day, Be Bold!


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