Say Goodnight Gracie…Goodnight BAD! Kitty

Last call on the Featured art for the day…I’ll see you all in the morning…I have new paintings to share that are NOT on my site…yet. So get ready for a FUN Feature week ahead….as usual I am not steadfast on my 24 hour rule…if you like it enough to whip out some cash…let me know.
It’s been a long week…and I start another one tomorrow…OH YEAH! I am going to be doing a show in November at the fantastic MO-Joe Coffee lounge…I almost forgot…more details soon…promise. If there are any fairies left I will take some of them…and on OPENING night I am going to give away free art…yeup…that’s right you heard me…FREE art, every hour I’ll draw a name from the Lucky Bucket Of BAD! Kitty Art and 4 original artworks will be given away. So come on…I am giving it away as well as open haggeling on the sales floor so bring some sauce and your wallet…Christmas is going to be easy this year.
Sleep tight…and for goodness sake! Buy some freaking art!
Just kidding…not.
*wink…and a nod* That’s for you Liz, Pinky, Jo-Jo, and Maggie…love ya babe(s)!
Pinky your art is going out in the morning! Wahoo! Yippee…the first fairy takes flight!

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