Passion Tree

24 x 30 gallery wrapped style

ready to hang


So…Pinky there’s the first one…I’ll do two more…just for you OK?

*Big Cheesy Grin**

And I have like the worst light possible today…I don’t think the sun is going to come out at all today…so this picture is a little dark, I think…but it’s really close as far as the color values…I’ll try again for a better one later.

Later, Heather


  1. pinky
    October 31, 2005

    OMG THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL THAT I CAN’T BREATHE!!!you really are evil, you know. making me want all your stuff. all kidding aside, heather, this really is breath taking and magnificent. and i love it. i really love it.

  2. pinky
    October 31, 2005

    i just keep clicking on this picture. i want to touch it and be near it so i think that by clicking the picture i’ll be able to morph it into my office. my god, this is almost too much. i have to know the story behind this one. it’s got too much soul in it to not have a story.

  3. HMBT
    October 31, 2005

    Oh, it’s got a story all right…it’s called passion tree….because when I decided to be a loveable person, and find someone who could love me, and honor that I got my own approach to life and it’s mysteries…oh that I am Queen…ahem back to the story….This painting how ever is way better in person, the slight highlights on the limbs and trunk of the tree are not caught here…the texture of the tree itself is lost, really.So any way, me and mate man had this really great talk one day, and he said that he liked not knowing every little bit about me…after 10 years I am still a mystery. That’s cool in itself…but then he said something else that I won’t mention here..R rated….and later when I was standing upright and not wobbly anymore from the bliss…I found my way to the studio and litterally painted for 5 hours straight. It’s my communion, with the universe,myself, my partner, and my soul…it’s my passion tree the seedling (planted over 10 years ago with one sentence)has become large and strong, so has my body, soul and spirit too…so big you can only see half…the rest is a mystery to be discovered…the still to come. The great unknown…next time I have the big O that big…I’m gonna paint a swing on that lower branch!Thanks Pinky!


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