BAD! Kitty Last call…

Last Call on this one of a kind, brilliant work of art…I’m going to bed, I’m beat. What a day…And tomorrow is already being planed down to the minute too. So… see the post two down for the details on the above work…See? I am tired…
And email me asap to claim it as your own. Come on now what’s a BAD! Kitty like myself gotta do? Kidding….not really.
I am booking a new show over at the Mo-Jo coffee house…my yearly November show that has in the past been really successful as far as making sales go…I think if I have fairies left from fairy world (see site) I’ll take a few of them, but I am dying to bring out my new stuff…so you guys get on it and buy these great artworks, from an… oh so humble and modest *cheesy grin* almost completely emerged artist…You are so smart, you know a good thing when you see it. It would make a great gift too…Come on! Can it get better?
Well, I’ll sleep on it, and see what happens in the morning…I expect one of you to buy this almost too -good- to- be -true artwork at this crazy low price…with free shipping….I double dog dare you. Whatcha got? huh?
Sleep well…*yawn*Heather

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