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Close up detail shot

BAD! Kitty Featured Art of the day

18 x 24 NOT framed but IS ready to hang, with finished sides.

oils and acrylic with mixed media

$250.00 ***Today only**** My Husband does not want me to sell this one, it’s his favorite…but I need the room for all my new work to come into the studio….he has held on to it for too long! I just wish I was a better photographer, because again… these pictures can’t capture the glaze, the depth and richness of color, or the fine details that make this painting special. If you would like to see it in person, let me know, we can arrange that.

Free shipping inside the USA or free delivery in the PDX area (See Site for details)

This work came about while I was dealing with the flu from hell. I have a strange body chemistry…I can drink and not get drunk…but Nyquil can make me so drunk and stupid…so guess what I had just taken before starting this painting? HA! I had, earlier in the day been painting a large mural for a local art magnet school and I had a pile of paint scraps…You know left over stuff…so being that I was cleaning up and I had just taken the Nyquil to be able to go to sleep and rest….I scraped my working pallet off and onto this throw away canvas that I had bought at Goodwill to paint over as exercise…The next thing I remember my husband was shaking me awake at my work table…I had put my head down on the table (yes into the paint too) and passed out….when I woke up the next morning, this painting was on the easel drying….so hence the name…Sometimes I forget…Because I have no memory of creating it…All though I know that I did, because it took two weeks the get the crimson red oil paint stain off my forehead and right cheek. It’s dreamy and calming….and very glazed…deep reds, marron and dark grays invite you into the waterfall of golden leaves….it looks very liquid, and like the bubbles and leaves are really moving, and the gold powders (real gold ground into powder form) I used in this work gives everything a slight shimmer…Especially when light moves across it. I have not ever offered it for sale, because my art isn’t always my loving mates cup of tea…and he went crazy for this one., so I kept it for the family collection. It has gone to two shows, one abstract show, where it got an honorable mention, and one Mixed Media International show where it took second best in show…only because it’s on a reclaimed (recycled) canvas and unframed…so I know it’s good. I have had many offers from patrons that have come into the studio (for more than I am asking today, so if your one of my local patrons and have seen this, now is your chance to really own it)…but I always said no… My asking price now is far less than it’s ever been before…Not because I am not a good artist…but because the freaking economy sucks, and I’m tired of playing into that whole story of if you don’t ask a high enough price no one will respect you…that’s crap and I’m calling bullshit on it…I hate the “normal” approach to becoming a successful artist in this world. I’m not pandering to the elite…(all though if you have money to spend, spend it here please.) *Grin* My goal is to get my work into the hands of the people who need it…is this one for you?

I am having a large end of the year and Open House event in early December to officially open BAD! Kitty Studio up to the public…but I wanted to start that show with all new stuff…and I just don’t have enough room, with all my last years work…that was under the management teams… “just see if we are not right about this pricing strategy thing, Heather”. Well…I’m done…they were wrong, my way works better, and more people get to buy, and that makes it easy for me to continue to work. Art does not have to come from a degree or a elite gallery to be great work. It just has to be great to you. So, I am clearing the studio…I want to be able to see my new work up so I can keep going with it. So… go buy some art…help a brave, saucy grrrl out.

My manager and art patrons are always telling me my prices are too low…People won’t respect me if I don’t ask for more money…so I followed my advisors advice this last year and watched my sales go from everything I created sold FAST! to next to nothing in sales…I would rather sell to real people who can’t normally afford quality, fine art….why? Well because I want to…that’s why I fired them all and took it back over…I can sell art for 5.oo each if I want to…don’t get any ideas…but I am a smart and good business woman too….I know that I can’t afford most of the great art that I see and want…so I am going to focus more on the art than the sales…and hopefully my prices are low enough for you to able to afford them (if not then talk to me…please!)…or low enough for you to be The smart collector and be getting into a quality work of investment art, (I sell like crazy in the galleries…I just don’t agree with the whole elitist, expensive attitude that most galleries have…hell even the vanity galleries are snobs.) I am just a grrrrl that paints…like it or leave it. I would rather sell it for less and get a chance to maybe even know the buyer a little…hell… even maybe find out why they liked what they are buying….you know human contact? If I never know you that’s fine too, but I am not an elitist artist…I am a dissident, a revolutionary, and visionary, and a rebel with a cause. Art is healing, art is subjective, art is introspective, art is healing thru visual language. Art was here before the written word…art IS the language of Humanity.

So…yes I am good enough to be selling at much higher prices…I have done that for years…but it felt empty…cold and removed…that’s why I set out on this path to find you REAL LIVE HUMANS…even if you only have two nickels to rub together….it’s important to me that the art finds it’s proper home…and get the hell out of my “remodeling the studio” way. So help a fellow human out…look through any of the features for the day for the past week, and if you want any of them…Contact me I will happily work with you to get the art into your home and out of my cluttered studio…SCREW HIGH PRICED Galleries…. and the like. Art with Soul that you can really afford….that’s my story and I’m sticking to it…please don’t drive me back to the big fancy galleries…please buy some of my art and keep it out of the Art Pound, where they euthanisze your career if you don’t sell the way they want you too…and the artist gets to PAY through the nose for the privilege…(aka galleries and some art agents). These prices believe it or not are what I would actually get from the paintings if they were being sold in galleries…EXAMPLE: the one above went to the second show, where they wanted to place it up for sale for 1,300.00. Of that I would have gotten about 25% after fees, and commissions, and shipping costs…about 25% which equals $325.00 to me. So my asking price of $250.00 is really inexpensive art. AND FREE SHIPPING in the USA. Another savings of 60.00 or so.

Adopt a painting today! From a real live, Living Breathing, trying to keep the lights on artist…today!

Have a great one all…I am so busy I am already getting dizzy!

****Here’s my working quote for the day*** (yes… I work 7 days a week)

“When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds: your mind trandsends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.”


My inspired great purpose is to get my art to the people who need it, so join with me here, and let’s be the change we want to see in the world! Micro/global economy is the way of the future…get on board!

love, Heather

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