Last Call on the Power Ball….

Featured BAD! Art of the day!360 # 9 Artists self Aura portrait
4’x4’x2″oils HUGE
TODAY ONLY PRICE****$450.00****Free shipping inside USA or free delivery to the PDX area
This is a Powerful painting, that has been in my private collection for a year…yes I painted it, I sold the rest of the series but not this one. I need the wall space for a new larger painting, so…I know it’s time for it to find it’s new home…colors are vivid and soothing at the same time, and this picture does not do it justice. The flowing indigo blues around the center orange/yellow/red colors are wispy and etheral…it’s also done in a glaze style *22 layers of color* which means that it can’t really be captured as far as the depth of color…in digital format…at least not by me.Please let me know if you would like to see it in person…the power is real, and some people are drawn to it, some are scared by it…which is it for you?Be bold!As always my 7 day no questions asked return policy is in effect.Special price ends at 12 midnight pacfic time…so if you want to live with some powerful, bold art…let me know so I can get it ready to ship out to you.Have a great day! Heather Tick tock….it’s 6:37 PST….
You can contact me about it later, of course…but the price will be higher…*hint, hint*** OK…now I am just beating you about the head and shoulders…Buy art, it’s good for you.
and drink more water too…that’s good too.

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