BAD! Kitty Art Feature of the DAY!

BAD! Kitty Featured Art of the DAY!

Asian Style

9 x14

collage/acrylics on canvas board


****Today only special price***$45.00****

Free shipping in the USA or PDX area

7 day no questions asked return policy (see site for details)

This work came into being because of an assoiciation with an art group that I was with for a short while…we won’t go into why I am no longer with them…but long story short…we used to get these “themes” for a work that would be produced in a week or less, competition style. The Idea here was Asian Style…they were looking for something along the lines of the Japan and China masters…like ink paintings…I have a problem with authiority (see archives for explainations on that) and I did it my way. I was surpised to find out that I won the compition for that theme…and it was because I didn’t follow the rules. Go figure…so this work is layerd with image, feathers, acrylic paints and text. When I think about the word style….this is what I got.

I have enjoyed it in my studio for these last 6 months, a mini testament to being true to my own style and way of doing things…viva la art! Being me is the only thing I am any good at…so here’s my resistance and giving-in too, my visual language about finding and fitting into society…in your own style…and just not giving a damn what others think.

That about sums up the largest part of me…like it or leave it…it don’t matter to me. My self confidence is based on my opinion of myself…not anyone else’s “view” of me…we all have many hats that we wear….I choose to wear them all at once, or not at all…I do it my way all the time. I can and will “produce” something if I need to…but I can’t have Joy in that. I can paint bucolic landscapes, big eyed kitties, pears and apples, or flowers…and I do. But from my view of things, my visual language, flow, color and tone. Texture, movement…honesty. The feather in this and other works recently, symbolize The Way for me…they are fixed to thier environments, their worlds…yet at the slightest breeze they flutter, tremble….are “caught” in a current…like us humans trembling, tumbling thru this life and yet remaining fixed to our realities…our choices…our addictions, our fears, our fantasy futures….our in-this-moment realities. I will always do it my own way, that’s the way it is. Makes me a difficult person….I have heard, hardheaded, stubborn, and willful all my life…it makes me a Real Live Human…and I am successful when I say I am, not anyone else.

I am successful.

Period…end of story.

Buy this work of art and think about your own style…your sauce…who are you? Are you who you want to be…or who your inner you believes you can be?

What keeps you caught in the current?

Be bold…and buy art it’s good for your heart.

and don’t forget the water too:)


***New Journal pages later today!…I have been a very busy painter grrrl!***


  1. jo_jo
    October 29, 2005

    You go,another Real Live Human!

  2. HMBT
    October 29, 2005

    Rock On Jo-Jo…rock on Grrrl!Oh and thanks! *silly grin* I love it when you Real Live Humans…check in it rock my world!right back atcha, Heather


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