Inspiration Comes Easy

Inspiration Comes Easy

OK…if it’s first thing in the mornig for you and you don’t want to see an icky picture first thing…wait till later to check this out…

but if you are strong enough and ready for a great example of overcoming fear….then go check out Miss Pinky’s Blog…talk about brave…sheeesh!

Pinky also has some amazing posts about her own journy…yea for finding the path, and others that you can share it with…truth is a powerful thing, yes indeed.

More from me soon, I am going to post my quote for the day

as well as my next featured art for the day…going to be bringing out some new stuff you can’t find in the shops and galleries, as well as some from the studio, that are cluttering up my work space…now that they are back from their tours…and events.

So stay tuned….but I just had to share about our own Pinky’s great blog…check it out!

Today is a work day so I’ll be posting between sessions….


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  1. pinky
    October 26, 2005

    I just emailed you about this!! YEAH!!!!


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