Fairy World #10 Moon Bathing

Fairy World #10 Moon Bathing
Oils and mixed media
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This painting actually has a golden glow over it…no white, but it’s hard to capture the glaze work on digital…at least for me. *sheepish grin*
Ok…24 x 24 gallery wrapped, needs no frame ready to hang.
**Quote that inspired the work***

“Fly not yet; ‘t is just the hour When pleasure, like the midnight flower That scorns the eye of vulgar light, Begins to bloom for sons of night And maids who love the moon.”
~ Charles Lamb

I just wanted to paint something simple…and carefree…this is what I thought would be happening in my little world.
It’s one of my favorites.

Thanks for being here…see more of the fairy world series…


  1. pinky
    October 27, 2005

    i just love this one. i want to climb in the tree and sit a while. such beauty, such talent, such inspiration.

  2. HMBT
    October 27, 2005

    Thanks Pinky!


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