Two and a half hours and counting

“How strange is the lot of us mortals! Each of us is here for a brief sojourn; for what purpose he knows not, though he senses it. But without deeper reflection one knows from daily life that one exists for other people.”
~ Albert Einstein

Amen Brother Einstein….Amen. I can testify about being a purpose driven woman today…Burning at both ends. Today is the day…Max is 7 years old…We have been on a three month countdown, because after listening to a conversation I was having with mate man, about my numbers and chart both saying that I was destined to win the lottery or something along those lines, and that 7 is the life path of success and failure…The balance, you can squander yourself if you are a seven…Just trying to figure out what part of you is the greatness you want to live with. He decided this was his first magic power year…watch out world!
I am living in service to that little, wrinkled manling that was born 7 years ago today. He was my easiest pregnancy…I was happy as long as there were strawberries and cheese and tomato sandwiches…And avocados…Those too. In contrast to the other two pregnancies that were both a struggle and lesson in controlled panic…When his mighty kicks broke one of my lower ribs….It wasn’t that bad. I was not sick or scared one day with him. I wanted to keep him my baby, my oooppss…Your pregnant…Bonus baby! He has the sweetest nature and kindest spirit, I have ever known. Everybody else sees it too…he’s charming and fierce at the same time…His art/photography name is Max Justice defender of the underdogs…He named himself that at five. He “rescued” a little girl from a bully at a local playground…He decided super hero work was for him. He also wants to be an artist, a singer, and a doctor…When he is done with that, he thinks he might want to be a chef and maybe a part time scientist or astronaut…he hasn’t decided yet.
He is large, in life and spirit. Big and blocky like his Dad, you woulnd’t think he was only 7…he gets taken for 10 all the time, so he tells me.
I am turning the house into a party palace with decorations and the painting I did for him, we are just simple folks…the bulk of his “presents” are two large boxes filled: one with books and magazines for his own source books for art, and the other with junk, real down to earth broken stuff…for his assemblages…and a crap load of art supplies, including a book just like mine, leather bound and full of white pages to fill. I did break down and go to the clearance isle at Kmart…I tried to find used lego’s but I couldn’t in time…arrrgh….so I got him some of those, because he and his brother will play/fight over them for hours….bliss…Until they get stuck in my vacuum or under my bare feet on hardwood floors, then they will be those cursed and abhorred toys….lego’s…evil or genius?

So gotta run…make like a magic fairy and whip the place into shape….
Have a great day…..I am!
Be bold!

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  1. romina
    October 25, 2005

    happy birthday max!i used to play with lego’s so much when i was little…(no wonder i became an architect), sweet memories…have a wonderful day all of you(romina just passing by and feeling emotion with your words)


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