Put your Kitty in the middle and let it swing like you just don’t care

“Others attempt to live cautiously in the safety of established patterns. They do not feel fulfilled, yet they have found a formula not of success (whatever that is), but of avoiding failure. This is the living death — when security becomes the overwhelming consideration.”
~ Randy Read

Well eyeballs spring open…my head starts spinning with details of the day, and I feel like staying in my warm cozy spot…just 10 more minutes…I don’t wanna get up and be grown up…just five more minutes….please?

So, I am going to scan some of my journal pages in, here in a moment…and take pictures of the two paintings that I worked on all weekend, I did get Max’s birthday painting finished…and almost finished the other one….it’s a whole new style of painting that is emerging…I really like the way it feels…but I’ll post about it here later….hope everyone in the Path of Wilma is doing ok this morning, and all my firends are good…check in everybody and give me the heads up…take care all …more from the front lines soon….I’m working on success to day…we will see were that takes me…and thinking about what that means too me today. I am sure it has nothing to do with playing it safe…
Be Bold!
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Don't be shy!

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