BAD! New ART at the Kitty Shack of Love

WIP…I am still working on this one, needs shading and highlights, and some more detail work…but I really like the way the moon is so see thru and just hanging there…I needed a new quite place…and the trees are a new design for me. This painting is about my boys, growing strong, and getting older…and how wonderful and sad it really is. I’ll miss my babies.
But I am proud of how perfectly imperfect they are, and how they love me, and this family. We are tight…it’s cool. I’m growing up too.
Feedback on the progress on this one anyone? This is oils, on 18×24 canvas. Will be $200.00….any takers? Want to help with the finishing ideas, and then take it home? Well… just give me high sign over here….I’m ready when you are.

Max’s Birthday dragon 18x 24 oils …sorry for the poor quality pictures here…I’ll try to get better ones up soon, these are blurry a little and the colors are really layers of glazes…so it’s real fluid and wet looking…even though it’s dry, the dragon is sharp, flat black. I know you know somebody that would love something like this, I can recreate a dragon or other tribal type for you custom…just ask. This painting would sell for $200.00…

Have a great day all! Heather

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