BAD! Sunday morning Random Thoughts…

Funny how when you wake up and it’s another day of minute by minute, non stop ORDINARY life… itinerary for the day. I mean… I have figured out that I even have an “optimal window of time” for certain …You know personal stuff…And if I miss the window…Well, shower in a bottle for me. I am sure that every other human on the planet has experienced this feeling…I am sure the whole point of being a grown-up with any sense of fun left in her, is to learn effective time management…Is that nirvana? Time management…The big One-stop shopping center in the sky…One place for anything and everything you need, with no lines, no waiting. Shower shave and cut…food…Hey this sounds like the Jetsons to me…enough said..ahem resuming grown-up mode….

The other day I was sitting in traffic…Suburb traffic, there is nothing like it. Some days I feel like an alien that is spying on this planet…I’m sitting there with the stereo blaring (In my midnight blue, with tinted windows minivan and it has a kick ass stereo, that is my favorite part)…rocking out to the Dance Hall Crashers “I don’t wanna Behave” and I looked around at all the suburban white Pepole staring wide eyed at my bouncing loud van. I was the only person in the car. I was acting like a teenager…I had a chopstick holding up my hair and I needed to fix it. So …(BTW the Petco over on canyon…has THE LONGEST light to change I have ever had to live thru) and I had this random thought….if the world ended tomorrow…I could use almost anything that was long and flat or round, to keep my hair up…that would be easy to find anywhere…I therefore perfectly concluded that I could survive the end of the world…because I would be able to keep my hair out of my eyes, easily.
Sometimes I use a pens, pencils, chopsticks (favorite because they make a good weapon too…Just try to jump me Mutha) paintbrushs (a wet one only one time….ok twice…shut up) We have a long handled with a tiny bowl silver spoon that I found in a thrift store that I sometimes find and use…but chopsticks and big pens are my two most often used…I usually have at least one of those in the car or studio.
So do you think it’s strange that I accessed my confiedence level on my ability to survive of the end of the world based on my easy care hair?

hmmmmm, I have been working like mad on my little man’s birthday present…I’m gonna take pic’s in a little bit…so I’ll post, it’s my first theme style dragon…I did it all tribal in black and red, but not scary, I mean he is cool, and tough, but still 7. I hid the number 7 in the painting…not too hard…re-read last reasoning….and anyway it’s so farking cool, I could poop myself. I am going to paint another one asap. The other two boys…16, and 8, both saw it in the WIP stages…and have started wooing me for their own…but the little one is dying…he’s begged in every imaginable way to see it…wait till he opens all his art supplies and the paint by numbers kit I made for him to copy the dragon…or I mean I will finish making to day…which reminds me I’m late for Work! The day has begun without me….farking time! ARRRGHHHH….stop the world, I missed my optimal personal hygiene moment….Crap….Where’s that chopstick?
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