My Frog is Still kicking…slimy bastard!

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well I hope so, because that bastard tasted nasty! I have a day from hell ahead….*Full pout, and foot stompping again* but I don’t wannnnnaaaaa! WA!
I have to restart a painting for my youngest today, because I screwed the pooch last night at 1 am still trying to get it right…and BAM! farking waste. So I have that, and I have to catch up on my “day job” and I have to get Max to another child’s birthday party, and back and finnish max’s work, plus bake the cake, and start the decorations, and not go completly insane….I can see the insane part is going to be hard today….HELP! Send clones…or robots…fark I don’t care…I need another set of hands and an extra head.
OMG! another day in paradise.
Well…gotta go be chipper, and work my ever increasingly smaller ass off.
Wish me luck.
More from the front lines later…if I’m not back in 15 minutes, call in the troops…nevermind…they come with shoot to kill orders…it’s not that bad I guess…I’ll swim.


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