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Top: Peace spread from the middle of the night last night

This is the Warrior Spread from yesterday/ last night…

I am working on the next ones….And painting a special painting for my Mr. “Almost seven year old in three days MOM”!……Son, who has requested something just for him that never will to be sold. I’m gonna miss it when he stop’s talking like that, and yes I correct it…but I secretly resent having to do it. *artist is now contemplating what the hell sleep is actually really needed for? Oh yeah, that insanity thing.*
Ok the top spread come together last night while burning off steam from having like, can I just say…OMG!!!!!..kind of DAY.I literately put my feet on the ground at 4:30 am and 15 minutes later was at work, and then stopped at 7 to make lunches, wake and love my children into human acceptable standards, then back to work at 8:30…While consulting on the phone, painting the warrior spread…And then off at 12:30…Take the middle dare devil, is trying to give me a freaking heart attack, accident waiting to happen, *whew* child into to find out if he had broken his collar bone…And then back home for what I thought was going to be 2 hours of me time…But turned into a 30 minutes art session, and the household monthly budget and gift buying funds…yadda-yadda…Then off to pick up something for dinner, back and eating at 5 pm…Spent quality time “educating ” my heathen children how to use soap and water in the shower…And dry off before you try to put on your clothes…Homework…6:30 to 7:30 a most wonderful fun phone call from a new friend, finished warrior while talking and also scanned and posted last nights journal pages from the day before…then went to bed and had terrific fun with Mate Man *double whew*…Then at 9pm sneak out to the studio to create the peace spread in about 1 hour…then stumble thru the incredibly dark house, and fell asleep around midnight…after doodling the next painting I am working on.
So today wasn’t so bad..Leisurely even. I am going to wrap this up because I only have about 30 minutes left before the What’s for dinner question starts…and I hate that question.
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  1. pinky
    October 22, 2005

    these look amazing! sorry i haven’t posted or emailed, i’ve been bed ridden for 2 days. i still feel like crap, but i wanted you to know i was thinking about you.i think the warrior series will be a good outlet for you. harness that power!!


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