“He who would do good to another must do it in Minute Particulars. General Good is the plea of the scoundrel, hypocrite, and flatterer; For Art and Science cannot exist but in minutely organized particles.”
~ William Blake (1757-1827)

I am going to have a two part day today…The first half was fraught with tension, work, kids, and being a mud person myself. This second half…This is mine. I have loved and provided for everyone else today, so everyone gets a coffee break, even stay at home/ work from home Moms.
So for the next two hours I am going to dance with myself…And see what happens. I am feeling larger than life, but not in a manic type of way, just really confident about my confidence. You know… that it’s real, and I am really living in each moment well today. Go Me! So even though it’s hard doing all this growing, and changing and still staying the sane, plugged in person that people can depend on….It’s hard as shit!…I can manage it, with grace. I can do that because I am SUPER HUMAN…Ahem…No of course …because I am working my Lilly white off here folks…No applause just throw money. Please. Bad-da-da-dum. (drum roll…sheeshhh we didn’t have phonics in southern FL!) But really do people ever look at you and say…Hey did you do something different with your hair…Or is it that you are having a great self esteem day….Does this make my esteem look too big….hehehe….Humor is my drug of choice today. I have been proven to only be 12% humorous…so I’ll try to pace myself here…

I am working on a new painting…I know I have old ones that need finishing….Shut up….But I am excited to see the results of a new “thing” I am trying… And I am hoping that it all pulls together. That’s all I am saying…I’m not posting this one as a WIP…I don’t want feedback till it’s done….Surfacing for air is my theme though.

Well, I have to eat and paint and sing…Today I found my old favorite CD…Talking Heads Naked….Been a good one to me through the years…And today’s the perfect talking head day….So..

Monkey see and monkey do-oo
the clouds have silver linings
Looks pretty goo-ooo-d

Factory Life…fills me with pride…factory Lif-ii-ef.

Just let our instincts guide us from coast to coast…if chimpanzees’ are smart than we will close ou–r ey-ess…

From factory life…I’m sure I got it wrong, because I like to make up words to songs and then insist for years later that I am right….About my lyrics…I always am. 🙂
Have a good one folks, and do something saucy…Be bold.
I am…It’s fun…Really, really.

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