Sniffle, snort. Sneeze

Well this is what was running thru my congested, snorty head this morning. I am freaking happy damnit…now get off my back!

And this:

“Prosperity in the form of wealth works exactly the same as everything else. You will see it coming into your life when you are unattached to needing it.”
~ Wayne Dyer

WTF?! Mr. Dyer…yes that question was for you…hehehe.

So Ok, every single person in my hosue is home today with the flu…can I just say how much that SUCKS! (and blows…good thing I buy tissues in bulk) I am even achey, and my head is full of green stuff (hope that wasn’t TMI) but lordy, I still have to go to work today. I work from home, but today is a work day none the less, and if I don’t work…well, it can be real not pretty when it comes time to write the bills. My mate makes enough to keep us afloat, and pay most of the bills on time…my income buys the food, gas (OMG!!! don’t get me started on that) and anything fun or extra in our lives…read: I don’t make much being an advisor/consultant/coach/artist.

So I am going to load up on med’s and litertally suck it up..and go to work. Must feed the children…must feed the children will be my foggy headed mantra today.

So the quote that I am working with today…up there about wealth you know…well…I am working hard at just that with my artwork, but how do I stop needing/wanting to make money? Crap! I need about a bucketful every damn day! *artist is now grumbeling to herself about how life isn’t fair…there is foot stomping…and looks like we have a full pout going on*

So I am going to the doctors office this morning (soon…heather go get in the shower…) but I need to write for my menatal health…so I am trying to figure out how to not want/need wealth (not just money). I tell you I am really working on it. *artist is now sticking her tounge out (sorry it’s germy) at the universe…then being ashamed… and using her finger instead (yep that one)*

So you if you have some insights for this sick artist friend of yours…speak UP!

Oh yeah, I am still accepting resumes for the ever popular position of best friend..those are the best…ever. I’ll be publishing the best of the lot when I have the pile big enough…you guys rock. I think I might even have to give out a prize at the end…like a little art work for my new best friend…and a runner up (to be called in if the 1st best friend for whatever reason can not fufill their duties) and a third place (I need three because I don’t like even number…shhessh, how long you been reading this blog, you know that silly!) I want to say…”you are Hired!” SOON!

Have a good one folks! Sniff, Snort Sneeze and no hugging today…I’m germy…ick!

Be real today, tell someone how you really feel, and do one thing that scares the pants off of you…aaaawwwww come on, I’d cover for you in your universal duties… if you were sick, I would…I’m that kinda grrrl.


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