Pinky was right

I have actually been reading this site for about a year now…and pinky found it and posted it…which made me think I should post it again for an easy link…so here it is, and make your secrets less secret…try it.
I did send one about 6 months ago…it was posted too. Not with my name on it though (of course) so you can go thru the archives is you want and try to see if you can find my work there…betcha can’t!
Have a good one! Heather
PS this is why I started posting my journal pages…this site I mean…because it made me feel so free to do so, I wnated that feeling to last…Go freedom!
and then go buy some art! @

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  1. pinky
    October 18, 2005

    my brother actually turned me on to this site and i’m glad he did. i’ve laughed, cried, ached and wondered if i had the strength they did to send in my secrets. i haven’t done it yet.did you know that there is going to be a postsecret book? i won’t be out until decemeber, i think, but i’ve already pre-ordered for me and my brother.


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