NEW STUFF!!!! and an answer for Pinky

Tower of Power 2
oils, acrylics 24×18
the color is a little muted in this picture…but it’s close, I think it’s much brighter in real life.

This is the stuf that’s new this week!
P&Q close up…it has writting all over it, as well as mirrors,buttons (slogan, pin on your shirt type) and other stuff.

Mind your P’s and Q’s
oils, acrylics, gesso and mixed media
This picture is a little washed out…the glaze and colors are very vibrant, but still sublte, not garish at all.

Another angle on the lovley Minky Stool.

My latest Funiture creation
Minky Stool
It is a recycled bottom of an 1800’s Oak baby high chair (Bottom half)
with a fake mink top.
It’s just right for sitting at the desk, putting on make up or what ever you may need a minky stool for.
Colors are really more indigo/violet (my own color creation…I’m going to paten it for real) than these pictures show. It also glows from the many layers of color and metalic powders used. Very sturdy, my mate is about 250 lbs. and it dosen’t even groan or creak when he sits on it to take off his boots. All my furniture is first given the sturdy test by having to live in my home and be used for at least 90 days before I will sell it. If it’s going to have or be a problem I wnat to konw about it first.
This one has passed the test.

Sometimes I forget up close

Sometimes I forget
oils and mixed media
my Mate Man want to keep this one, he says he loves it, and he didn’t want me to sell secrets…so…so make me an offer he won’t refuse!
I think about 250.00 out to do it.

Little Big Red Tree
oils and metalic powders
I thought someone might need a magic tree that was a little smaller than the Big Big red tree (it’s a 6 footer).

Angel close up

My secret Angel 1
framed 8×10 oils
These angels just appear sometimes…this was the first, and I finally finished it’s frame!

Faith and a funeral
oils and mixed media
No upside down t…but I did make it lower case for a reason!

Any Guesses?

Love to all, let me know what you think!


  1. pinky
    October 19, 2005

    WOW! this is some really powerful stuff. stop making such good art!! i don’t have enough money for it all!! dammit!!!and, no, i’m not exactly sure why you made it lowercase. i was actually talking about the “i” yesterday, but i had a 5 year old in my ear talking about letters and i put “t” instead. so, why did you do it? symbol of the cross?

  2. HMBT
    October 19, 2005

    Yes a symbol of the cross…for the t…for me being born and raised in some really strong religouse stuff, it has signifigance for that…but also because of the unhealthy way that people relate to the symbol of the cross these days…making me better than you, because I’ve been saved….yadyadyada.I have never been to many places, but in my life i have never expeperianced the same type of pure religion that I did while in New Orawlenzzz, the power of faith in that city…all types of faith, but pure faith in the music, the color, the pain, the food, everything. A people of FAITH…lost to the greed and coruption of “people” that just don’t “get poverty” as they have said over and over again…yes I am quoteing the present hedgmon wanna be directly.Well they don’t have to get it…the rest of us understand completly.When this work is finished I will be finding a family or person or business in NO or from the disastar, that I will gifting it to. We need a wake, we need a colorful, band marching, black umbrella, funeral procession, we need to celebrate what is gone. Celebrate that we had it at all, celebrate FAITH!So…if you are one of those above mentioned peoples then contact me…I have art for you. This is my call…let it be heard.Have a soulful day all!PS…Blown away, is the other painting, (I showed it a few days ago as a WIP…that will be gifted as well). Why? Because I CAN!Why, because it last longer than money. Why? why ask why?


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