Top 5 reasons I Would Make a Very Good Rich Person

The Big Red Tree ~Oils
Hello Universe,
It’s me again! I am planting this magic seed under my magic Red Tree OF FAITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I bought a lottery ticket today, because well if it runs down hill then this is my FREAKING week.
So, I am grateful for what I have and thankful for the health I enjoy, but just this once *artists is now whispering* let ME win just a little old sliver of that ginormous PIE.
I ain’t asking for it Lord no.
I just want enough for some first rate, American education, and well…maybe a forever home.

So…that’s all just a little magic seed…I would be a great Rich person because:
1. I love shoes, so I would buy people who need shoes…well, shoes.
2. I love to eat…so…well see number 1
3. I would become the best human I could become who was blessed in a wealth kinda way, which would better the earth with my terrific karma, and wonderful (and brilliant, did I say brilliant yet?) artworks that would enrich the worlds love quotient, by like a squabillion percent.
4. I think # 3 counts for two
5. Because I bring the SAUCE to life baby!

Ps….go buy some art….
You know…just in case it’s poker night up there, it’s good to be prepared.

Later, Heather

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