Making Magic

So…This is my journal page from the last two days…I am learning to become better able to draw…Whatever. I have never really taken the time, I guess…To just sit and draw. Painting is fast, and all about the get it out NOW! Drawing is more internal and so I bought one of those great leather bound books, with tons of wonderful white pages for me to fill.
Someday I’ll be able to look back and see where my subconscious has been taking me, and if I am sticking to my new beliefs about myself, and where I don’t I’ll see it. These days I am thinking more about what is RIGHT with me instead of what needs “fixing”. I mean I really can’t come at it like that anymore. That is a place of want, desire, and impatience. The truth of the matter is that I am filling less and less….Broken these days. I am not broken. So there, that’s done. One less thing to do today. If I come at what my good stuff is…well you know I pretty much rock….and Oh so modest…so that’s a rich place indeed…the land of plenty. That’s nice to say.
I am going to be painting the rest of the day today. I hope to get some things finished and pictures taken for updating and posting. I will be listening to the Soundtrack from The End of the World…And conquering my own world….One paintbrush stroke at a time.
Have a great day…Heather

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