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This painting
“The light at the End” oils and mixed media, 24 x 20 on reclaimed wood framed ($200.00 w/ free shipping in the continental US, sorry shameless plug)
was the one I submitted for critical review over at the totally cool site:
It was a great experience and I encourage other artists to use this valuable service…Especially self taught artists like myself. I mean if you are learning and exploring as you go, how do you find out if you are “on track” or not. I find that lots of people will tell me how they like my work, but not many who will take the time to also tell me what isn’t working in a painting…Without taking out my still beating heart in their hands, that is. I’m a tough cookie, I can take critical review and opinions…I mean WTF? Does any artist really ever expect that their art will be beloved by the general masses? That’s usually not done very often, but that does not mean there isn’t lot’s (Gob’s, tons, uber huge amounts) of terrific art being produced these days. This was a good experience is broadening my understanding of what art does “to” and “for” others, that makes me a better communicator. I am not painting to please others, I am not painting trendy, in style, or to match anyone’s couch. I create for me, if you find yourself in there too…Good or bad, that’s just peachy keen. If you are then motivated enough by my work, you’ll buy it, some how some way. Again super cool beans. But the chance to just get a real opinion from someone, has as much value to the growth of myself, as all the I really like your work, comments…that keep all artists struggling along their paths. Go over and read all the reviews by the smarty pants reviewers, and check out my comments and my review of the review too. I just gotta be a big mouth, saucy broad…no matter what. I’ll be submitting there again soon, I’ll let you know when it goes live again…but go today and check it out, before it goes into the archives…and comment to the artists you see on the site, if you are moved to, it’s good for the artists and also helps the collector in you become more refined and understandable to yourself. Dig it, Baby…it’s just art!

So that was good…let’s see what else…I got a freaking ton of responses yesterday from my flurry of postings…most contacted me through the web site and not here on the blog, but it was G double R great, to hear from people, and know that I am still working for a reason. I do want to sell art, don’t get me wrong but I want to do it my own way. I don’t want to not ever get a chance to know the people that purchase my work again and again, (btw Thank you soooooo much *artist is now giving you all a big thank you hug*) knowing the why of your reactions has continued to fuel me for years, and I know that faith isn’t about knowing what happens next, it’s about risk and chance and action. So here I am Universe, putting it in words, making it real and tangible, and accepting the chances that present themselves to me….I am an adventurer looking for treasure…my true patrons and inner discoveries about myself are those treasures.

That’s all for now I guess, I have sold a couple of paintings (or better stated I am in the process of selling) from the fairy world series and possibly Secret (see recent posts for picture of Secret), I’ll update those that are still available soon on my site (link is up there at the top of this post silly) and I’ll be posting a picture or two of this weeks finished works on here as well as over at the site, within the next day or so.

Till then…same bat time, same bat place… Heather
(waht do ya wnat to do tonight Brain? Same thing we do every nite Pinky…Try to take over the WORLD! Bwuahahahahaha!)
And I’m still sorting through the resumes for the position of Best Friend…keep sending those, they Rock and I’ll be making my selection soon. Better yet subit them on the blog…maybe we could have a vote? Senior best friend, with a vice best friend and maybe a speaker of the house for the best friend society. 🙂 It makes me feel about twelve to type the words best friend…that’s a good thing, I used to skip a lot back then too…maybe that’s what’s missing…skipping! Top Secrets reveled first here folks! Stay tuned for further updates, from teh reporter grrl on the front lines of ordinary life.

OH yeah that reminds me…this is my new updated bio. I am thinking of changing all my others to this instead…let me now what you think…maybe another chance to vote?
Upper Middle Class Almost White Trash From Southern Florida.
Self Indulgent, Self Taught, Self Representing Artist/Writer.
Reporter Gyrl On The Front Lines Of Ordinary Life. Research Subject found to be only 12% humorous.
Midol is my drug of choice.
The Talking Heads, Stripper Music, Ska, Annie Lennox, Shawn Colvin, and Lyle Lovett are what I listen to, most of the time.
My Uniform for life: 501’s, T-Shirts, Black Leather Coat, and my ugly shoes or boots.
An Adventurer Looking For Treasure.
Mother, Mate, Semi-Social Creature of the Deep.
Freak Lover.
I Never watch T.V. except for Survivor, The Donald, and Nova.
I read 10-15 Sci-Fi, fiction, art, reference or science related books a Month. (I’m a Speed Reader, OCD Reader, I will read anything)
Not into Star Trek, except for the scenes with klingon sex in them.
Psychic or Psycho depending on how you see things.
Very Spiritual Non Church Goer.
Anti Two Party Politics.
I have problems with Authority.
Abuse Survivor Working Through my Issues
Prefer Quality to Quantity.
Pro Choice. Pro Human.
Hell-Raiser Wannabe.

My quote for the day:”The further the spiritual evolution of mankind advances, the more certain it seems to me that the path to genuine religiosity does not lie through the fear of life, and the fear of death, and blind faith, but through striving after rational knowledge.” ~ Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

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