I am still Here…Where the F**k are you?

Power from fairy world series…Now on sale with free shipping anywhere in the USA. This is framed with a wonderful vintage frame. Only 250.00! Or make me an offer sheesh!
I went to the head shrinker…she said you don’t need drugs, you need talk therapy, you so smart you will figure this out. I don’t want to talk about it, I just the vacation in a pill…*artist is now chocking the life out of said headshrinker*….just give me the f**king Medici don’t want to think anymore. I just want to relax…Know what I mean? Here come the holidays, and with it the stress of sales (art) and open Studio Days…GAIT please let me sell some art! I promise to start eating peas if you will send me a patron who can afford my artwork. I will eat a mountain of said peas, for two patrons! Goodness knows I have been good, I deserve a sale for pieties sake. I have had an empty studio for awhile because all my work from this year past was at some show, or cafe or whatever, and I have had a lot in rotation…Well it’s all back and sitting here, and not selling. I don’t understand, the last two years have been great…This one…NOT GREAT! Only a handful of sales, and the venues are starting to really suck. I have tried to stay out of the big galleries for the longest time, because I want all the money…No not really…Yes really, I figure if I can sell my own work and not have to share the money then all the better right? I mean I did the work, I slaved and sweated and pulled this work out of myself, I peddled my wares…I deserve to make the money right? Well, I don’t know if it’s just the economy or if it’s that my sales techniques are failing all of a sudden but I can’t seem to even give art away…F**k I am sick of it.
So I am off to work it out…I have no idea how I am going to do that, but I am off to try to figure it out anyway…There has got to be an answer, besides vanity galleries and people who want free work in exchange for “exposure”…what a crock. I did several of those exposure things…nadda..zip…nothing, but they got my work for 30-60 days with no fee…bastards.
I’m a little miffed today…I better go work it out before my family gets home and expects me to be “me”….not wonder woman, but close enough for government work. I am not really an angry person…So I am not too good at it when it happens to me…F**k, f**k, f**kity f**k…That’s how I feel…GO buy some art…It’ll make me feel better. (that was a subliminal…is your wallet hand getting itchy yet?)
Dear Universe…yes it’s me again, I would really like it if you could send me that opportunity for change now…now would be good…thanks.
Later, H

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