I’m holding the monkey by the tail now….

Secret oils 30 x50 Brand New
The light at the end oils and mixed media framed 24 x 20 on reclaimed wood
Good ship journal page

Work in progress Blown Away…oils and gold leaf
magic man journal page

You know you need art, I know you need art, and the world that knows you wishes you would buy some freaking art NOT from WAL-Mart. So get to it,.
I am feeling very bossy today, can you tell??

I wish that I could snap my fingers and make this damned icky feeling go away. It’s lingering…and I hate it. I am not happy, not sad, but I miss my best friend so much. I wish she was here to talk to, and hug. But she’s gone and I have to get used to that, I just have to. I keep thinking that I’ll feel better tomorrow, that her loss won’t hurt as much tomorrow…but it does.
I need a new drug.
So here’s some of my journal pages…thought you might think they were fun too…arrrrggggghhhhh! I really, really do want a magic pill.
So I’m going to go make a drink and work on my new painting…it’s called blown away….here is the first pic’s of it… fark they are all up there again…I will figure this out someday I promise…it’s the redish painting up there in the middle.

the rest are the art journal pages…

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