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Hey, I know I am slow on the up-take sometimes, but I just found this site and joined, it looks like a lot of fun. So I thought I would share it with you all,

That’s my site on the general deviant site…Check it out if you have not been there before. It’s cool.
Almost done with work for the day, listening and coaching people to reach their highest, bestest possible …I am a spiritual advisor and intuitive life coach, to pay the bills. And I love my work!!!!! I love healing people and helping them, it fuels me.
But of late… When I am not feeling all that great myself, about myself, it’s hard to practice what I preach…You know? So I am working hard at taking my own damn good advice, and working on it to make it better instead of waiting for it to get better on it’s own. I can’t wait to feel better…I have to finish grieving for my friend, and move on. It’s time to find some new friends for the next stage in my life, the next growth factor, the next step. So I am moving on, I choose not to be tied to the ground with this grief anymore, I am moving on, I choose to let her go, and be grateful for the time we had together, not to miss her so much I can’t breath. Fark…Being a grown up is totally over rated today.
I’m going to go paint, now that I have signed off work…Yeah! And see if I can’t get my mojo flowing again.
Creative Cheers to you all today, on this terrific, I am above ground day, yours in truth, Heather

PS I am now accepting applications for best friend….Please send your resume and qualifications to the grrl at the front desk. Make them snappy too…I hate reading boring resumes….the position pays well and has great benefits…Looking forward to hearing from you soon, Heather

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