Hey All! today is October 7th 2005

I am having a big ole art sale! Over at my web site now thru thanksgiving I’m trying to make rom in my new,”gee, it’s not as big as I thought it was going to be,” studio. I have several big events coming up…and no room! Fairy World just got back in from it’s National Tour Ending in New York’s Blue Willow Gallery, and now it’s back home and can finally be offered up for sale. An almost two year process for that series…I am ready for them (all 13) to find their new homes…I’ll be putting up the pricing for those today.

All art is being offered with free shipping, anywhere in the USA. So if you need some art, or just want to do a nice deed for the day, and you have money to burn, come over to my site and check it out.

Arrgggghhhh! I have so much to do today! And only one little day to do it, it’s Fun Friday, and I have to work my day job… I don’t wanna! I want to paint some more!
This is my journal page from two days ago…I am still feeling this way today I guess…ever have one of those? Well, it’s up there…but here’s one of the new paintings I just finished it’s called
Unfurl: oils 24 x30 $250.00 , crap it’s up there too…well it’s the painting with the flowers…and the journal page is called Beasty.

So come to the web site!
Check it out, artists have to eat too…don’t cha know?
Wink, wink, wiggle, wiggle, thanks for being here….more to follow, Heather

One more time with the posting paintings…this is new too…called Break out 18x 24 oils, $250.00 CRAP!!! it’s at the very tip top…well, I’ll get the fraking hang of this soon!

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